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Name Born Baptized Father Mother Maiden Comments
BAAR, Jacob 25 May 187825 May 1878BAAR, Hieronym WANGLER, Carolina
BAAR, Jacob Wilhelm 2 Apr 18804 Apr 1880BAAR, Hieronym WANGLER, Carolina
BAAR, John 25 May 187825 May 1878BAAR, Hieronym WANGLER, Carolina
BARTH, Anna Wilhelmina 13 Feb 188415 Feb 1884BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Barbara Emma 8 Nov 18776 Mar 1878BARTH, Joseph DUMBECK, Friderica
BARTH, Bertha 25 Mar 187915 Apr 1879BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
BARTH, Catharina Rosa 27 Apr 188230 Apr 1882BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Elisabeth 21 Nov 18755 Dec 1875BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Elisabeth Josephina 28 Jan 18771 Feb 1877BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
BARTH, Elisabeth Maria 8 Nov 188819 Nov 1888BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Emilia Susanna 5 Oct 188412 Oct 1884BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Emma 6 Apr 187123 Apr 1871BARTH, Joseph WALLECHICK, Susanna
BARTH, Emma 29 Oct 187412 Mar 1875BARTH, Joseph DUMBECK, Friderica
BARTH, Felix Bernard 25 Mar 18873 Apr 1887BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Henry Adolph 1 May 18818 May 1881BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna Married Ada HAMM, widow, on 11/16/1936, in St. Theresia Church, Marydale, IL
BARTH, Henry Leo 24 Jan 188025 Jan 1880BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Ida Susanna 25 Jun 187320 Jul 1873BARTH, Joseph WALLESHECK, Susanna
BARTH, Johanna Christina 18 Mar 188611 Apr 1886BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
BARTH, John Peter 29 Apr 187516 May 1875BARTH, Joseph WALLESHECK, Susanna Married Anna TIMMERMANN, on 10/28/1908
BARTH, Joseph Julius 11 Apr 188918 Apr 1889BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Julia Barbara 18 Apr 188020 Apr 1880BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara Married Alex MILNET, on 2/8/1911, in St. Louis, MO
BARTH, Juliana Barbara 13 Feb 188621 Feb 1886BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Louis Joseph 26 Dec 187727 Dec 1877BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Louisa Christina 28 Jan 18771 Feb 1877BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
BARTH, Margaret Juliana 9 Oct 18719 May 1872BARTH, Joseph DUMBECK, Friderica
BARTH, Margaret Regina 20 Oct 187822 Oct 1878BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Maria Josepha 25 Dec 187626 Dec 1876BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Peter Rudolph 1 May 18818 May 1881BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna Married Elisabeth LAGER, daughter of August Lager and Maria nee PETERMEIER, on 10/21/1914, in Breese, IL
BARTH, Peter Valentine 14 Feb 189719 Feb 1897BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Peter Wilhelm 8 Mar 187613 Mar 1876BARTH, Peter BOENNHOFF, Maria
BARTH, Philo 20 Jul 188823 Jul 1888BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna Married Margaret BOEVING, on 4/22/??, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
BARTH, Theodore John 4 Sep 189110 Sep 1891BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Theresia 21 Dec 188224 Dec 1882BARTH, Henry GEBHART, Barbara
BARTH, Verona Philomena 3 May 188410 May 1884BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
BARTH, William 25 Mar 187915 Apr 1879BARTH, Joseph WALLISCHECK, Susanna
BECKER, Friderick Joseph 31 Jan 18931 Feb 1893BECKER, Friderick MAEHLMANN, Anna
BECKERMANN, Anna Maria 19 Nov 188122 Nov 1881BECKERMANN, Henry BERGCAMP, Anna
BECKMANN, Anna Catharina 1 Aug 18782 Aug 1878BECKMANN, Theodore ALBERS, Maria
BECKMANN, Infant 11 Dec 187611 Dec 1876BECKMANN, Theodore ALBERS, Anna Maria
BECKMANN, John Henry 13 Sep 188013 Sep 1880BECKMANN, Theodore ALBERS, Maria Anna
BECKMANN, Theodore Wilhelm 8 Dec 18838 Dec 1883BECKMANN, Theodore ALBERS, Maria Helena Married Anna Cecilia RIBBING, on 1/27/1909, in Bartelso
BECKMANN, William Henry 12 Aug 187313 Aug 1873BECKMANN, Theodore ALBERS, Maria Helena
BEKEBROCK, Anna Elisabeth 28 Feb 189128 Feb 1891BEKEBROCK, Henry RICHTER, Catharina
BEKEBROCK, Anna Maria 18 Nov 189419 Nov 1894BEKEBROCK, Henry RICHTER, Catharina Married Joseph VOLMER, on 8/7/1917, in Montrose, MO
BEKEBROCK, John Bernard 29 Nov 189230 Nov 1892BEKEBROCK, Henry RICHTER, Catharina
BEKERMANN, Gerhard Henry 17 Mar 187818 Mar 1878BEKERMANN, Henry BERGCAMP, Anna
BEKERMANN, John Henry 3 Jan 18805 Jan 1880BEKERMANN, Henry BERGCAMP, Maria Married Elisabeth Catharina TIMMOUS, on 1/20/1915, in St. Columbkills Church, Butler City, KS
BERGCAMP, Elisabeth 21 Dec 187422 Dec 1874BERGCAMP, Gerhard VONDER HAAR, Maria
BERGKAMP, Gerhard Henry 15 Jun 187816 Jun 1878BERGKAMP, Gerhard VONDER HAAR, Anna Maria
BIXSCHLAG, Maria Angela 1 Jul 18712 Jul 1871BIXSCHLAG, Gerhard MAAS, Anna Maria
BIXSCHLAG, Maria Elisabeth Rosa 30 Aug 187331 Aug 1873BIXSCHLAG, Gerhard MAAS, Maria
BLANKE, Carl 5 Oct 18915 Oct 1891BLANKE, Conrad SCHLUMP, Anna
BLANKE, Conrad Adam 24 May 188725 May 1887BLANKE, Conrad SCHLUMP, Anna
BLANKE, William August 10 Jun 188912 Jun 1889BLANKE, Conrad SCHLUMP, Anna Married Edna AMSLER, on 4/20/1913, in St. Louis, MO
BOENHOFF, Anna Alvina 12 Mar 189713 Mar 1897BOENHOFF, Anton THOELE, Agnes
BOENHOFF, Catharina Elisabeth 8 Dec 18739 Dec 1873BOENHOFF, Caspar CLEMENT, Catharina
BOENHOFF, Francis Theodore 1 Aug 19052 Aug 1905BOENHOFF, Anton THOLE, Anna Married Elisabeth Magdalena FELDMANN, on 7/14/1936, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
BOENHOFF, John Bernard 31 Aug 18941 Sep 1894BOENHOFF, Anton THOLE, Anna
BOENHOFF, Joseph 23 Apr 187123 Apr 1871BOENHOFF, Kaspar CLEMENT, Catharina
BOENNHOFF, Anna Gesina 22 May 189023 May 1890BOENNHOFF, William KRAMER, Maria Married John William BAUMGARTNER, on 6/9/1943, in St. Augustine Church, Breese, IL
BOENNHOFF, Anna Maria 14 Oct 190315 Oct 1903BOENNHOFF, Anton THOLE, Agnes Married on 11/23/1927, pg. 104
BOENNHOFF, Bernard 24 Dec 190124 Dec 1901BOENNHOFF, Anton THOLE, Agnes
BOENNHOFF, Caspar William 25 Sep 189125 Sep 1891BOENNHOFF, William KRAMER, Maria Married on 7/12/1932, in Visitations Church, St. Louis, MO
BOENNHOFF, Catharina 10 Jun 187513 Jun 1875BOENNHOFF, Caspar CLEMENT, Catharina
BOENNHOFF, Henry Anton 17 Apr 189818 Apr 1898BOENNHOFF, Anton THOLE, Elisabeth Married V. T. HOH, on 9/28/1921, pg. 91
BOENNHOFF, Infant 24 Nov 190624 Nov 1906BOENNHOFF, Anton THOLE, Anna
BOENNHOFF, John Bernard 21 Feb 189422 Feb 1894BOENNHOFF, William KRAMER, Maria
BOENNHOFF, Joseph William 28 Mar 189629 Mar 1896BOENNHOFF, William CRAMER, Maria
BOENNHOFF, Maria Rosa 13 Nov 187715 Nov 1877BOENNHOFF, Caspar CLEMENT, Catharina
BOENOFF, Bernard 5 Jan 18966 Jan 1896BOENOFF, Anton THOLE, Anna
BRAUN, Henry William 1 Jun 18897 Jun 1889BRAUN, William GEBHART, Catharina
BUEHNE, Alois Leon 17 Mar 189918 Mar 1899BUEHNE, Bernard HENDRICKS, Elisabeth Married on 11/24/1931, pg. 108.
BUEHNE, Anna Agatha 8 Feb 19039 Feb 1903BUEHNE, Herman GODELL, Maria Married Leon H. SUDHOLT, on 2/18/1925, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
BUEHNE, August Theodore 30 Sep 19031 Oct 1903BUEHNE, S. Nepomuck BECKMANN, Anna Catharina Married (1) on 11/17/1926, pg. 102; Married (2) Maria HORSTMANN, on 10/28/1936, pg. 116
BUEHNE, Bernard Arnold 9 Nov 19049 Nov 1904BUEHNE, Herman GODELL, Maria Married Agnes SLATTERY, in Dodge City, KS
BUEHNE, Bernard Arthur 28 Apr 190128 Apr 1901BUEHNE, Bernard HENRICHS, Elisabeth Married on 10/4/1933, in St. Rose Church, pg. 110
BUEHNE, Carolina Erlina 2 Jun 19012 Jun 1901BUEHNE, Herman GODELL, Maria
BUEHNE, Cecilia Catharina 23 May 190623 May 1906BUEHNE, Herman GODELL, Maria Married George WATSON, on 11/22/1941, in St. Mary Church, Rockford, IL
BUEHNE, Eleora Sophia 11 Jul 190512 Jul 1905BUEHNE, Bernard HENRICHS, Elisabeth Married on 6/27/1934, in St. Paul Church, Highland, IL
BUEHNE, Emma Catharina Theodora 27 Apr 190028 Apr 1900BUEHNE, S. Nepomuck BECKMANN, Anna Catharina Married on 2/24/1925, pg. 98
BUEHNE, Henry Vincent 15 Sep 190516 Sep 1905BUEHNE, Nepomuck BECKMANN, Anna Married on 10/16/1935, pg. 114
BUEHNE, Lawrence John Nepomuck 22 Jul 189823 Jul 1898BUEHNE, John Nepomuck BECKMANN, Anna Married on 2/19/1924, pg. 96
BUEHNE, Theodora Catharina 15 Mar 189715 Mar 1897BUEHNE, Bernard HENRICHS, Elisabeth Married Friderick SCHRAGE, on 5/28/1918, in St. Rose Church
BUHNE, John August 17 Feb 187619 Feb 1876BUHNE, S. Nepomuck KRUP, Louisa
BUHNTUS, Anna Barbara 26 Nov 18695 Dec 1869BUHNTUS, Wilhelm WIENAN, Anna
BUNOR, Joseph 15 Oct 187122 Oct 1871BUNOR, Wilhelm WIEMANN, Barbara

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