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Name Born Baptized Father Mother Maiden Comments
FEDERER, Amalia Franzisca 11 Feb 187422 Mar 1874FEDERER, Philipp ERHARD, Barbara
FEHLKER, Maria Rosa 5 Sep 18976 Sep 1897FEHLKER, George WESSELMANN, Theresia Married John H. WELLEN, daughter of Bernard and Maria nee THOLE, on 6/3/1919, in St. Rose Church
FELCHLE, John Joseph 31 Dec 18823 Jun 1883FELCHLE, Francis HIRSCH, Maria Elisabeth
FELDEWERT, Bernard Benedict 30 Jun 18811 Jul 1881FELDEWERT, Henry TEGETHOFF, Margaret
FELDEWERTH, Anna Maria Catharina 12 Jun 187912 Jun 1879FELDEWERTH, Henry TETHOFF, Margaret
FELDEWERTH, Henry 3 Dec 18747 Dec 1874FELDEWERTH, Henry TEGETHOFF, Margaret
FELDEWERTH, Henry Francis 9 Feb 187711 Feb 1877FELDEWERTH, Anton ALBRECHT, Theodora
FELDEWERTH, Margaret Theodora 19 Feb 187722 Feb 1877FELDEWERTH, Henry TEGETHOFF, Margaret
FELDMANN, Anna Maria Theresia 20 Oct 189121 Oct 1891FELDMANN, Gerhard RICHTER, Maria Theresia
FELDMANN, Gerhard Herman 15 Oct 188616 Oct 1886FELDMANN, Gerhard RICHTER, Maria
FELDMANN, Herman Gerhard 10 Sep 188911 Sep 1889FELDMANN, Gerhard RICHTER, Maria
FELDMANN, Herman Henry 5 Jun 18826 Jun 1882FELDMANN, Gerhard RICHTER, Maria
FELDMANN, John Bernard 25 Aug 188426 Aug 1884FELDMANN, Gerhard RICHTER, Maria Theresia
FELDMANN, John Henry 23 Jul 189323 Jul 1893FELDMANN, Gerhard RICHTER, Maria Married Rosa ERLINGER, daughter of Nicolaus and Louisa nee ROHR, on 10/17/1916, in St. Cecilia Church, Bartelso, IL
FISCHER, August Louis 25 Aug 190325 Aug 1903FISCHER, Francis SCHRAGE, Theresia Confirmation on 6/16/1918, Belleville; Profession on 7/2/1928, in St. Francis Church, Teutopolis, IL
FISCHER, Bernard Gerhard 14 Jul 187315 Jul 1873FISCHER, Gerhard HOFF, Anna Maria
FISCHER, Francis Joseph 26 Sep 190126 Sep 1901FISCHER, Francis SCHRAGE, Theresia Married on 5/4/1927, pg. 103
FISCHER, Henry Theodore George 12 Mar 190612 Mar 1906FISCHER, Francis SCHRAGE, Theresia Married Elisabeth, NORDMANN, on 4/30/??, pg. 113
FISCHER, Maria Josepha 15 Feb 188224 Feb 1882FISCHER, August WIEBALDER, Catharina
FISCHER, Theresia Elisabeth 14 Nov 189514 Nov 1895FISCHER, Francis SCHRAGE, Theresia
FISHER, Aloysius Lawrence 8 Aug 190610 Aug 1906FISHER, Henry KOHLMEIER, Christina
FISHER, Anna Augustina 14 Dec 189815 Dec 1898FISHER, Francis SCHRAGE, Theresia Sr. Priscilla ASC, died on 1/30/1993, 94 years old, Professed on 7/11/1916
FOEHNER, Henry 17 Nov 187315 Feb 1874FOEHNER, Friderick WEIDNER, Albertina
FOEHNER, Robert John 30 Dec 18991 Apr 1877FOEHNER, Friderick WEIDNER, Albertina
FROHN, Anna Maria 3 Sep 19023 Sep 1902FROHN, Theodore WILKE, Maria
FROHN, Anton 12 Jun 190413 Jun 1904FROHN, Theodore WILKE, Maria
FROHN, Henry 17 Feb 189317 Feb 1893FROHN, Theodore WILKE, Maria Married Maria WESSELMANN, on 10/24/1922, in St. Felicitas Church, Beaver Prairie, IL
FROHN, Henry Theodore 7 Jan 19007 Jan 1900FROHN, Theodore WILKE, Maria Married Helena H. WOLTERS, on 11/27/1923, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
FROHN, Joseph 29 May 189129 May 1891FROHN, Theodore WILKE, Maria Married Augusta GEBKE, on 9/16/924, pg. 97
FROHNE, John Bernard 9 Feb 189510 Feb 1895FROHNE, Theodore WILKE, Maria
FROHNE, Theodore Gerhard 20 Jan 189820 Jan 1898FROHNE, Theodore WILKE, Maria Married on 1/4/1924, pg. 98
FUHLER, Anna Helena 10 Jan 189611 Jan 1896FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia
FUHLER, Catharina 3 Oct 19004 Oct 1900FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia Married on 2/5/1924, pg. 95
FUHLER, Helena Maria 3 Sep 18893 Sep 1889FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia
FUHLER, John Bernard 2 Mar 18942 Mar 1894FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia Married Rosa Elizabeth HAAR (baptised on 1/12/1897, in St. Dominic, Breese, IL), on 5/24/1921, in St. Augustine Church
FUHLER, Maria Theresia 7 Nov 18908 Nov 1890FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia Married Bernard HILMES, on 5/10/1910, in St. Rose Church
FUHLER, Rosa Gertrude 23 Nov 189223 Nov 1892FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia
FUHLER, William George 5 Nov 18978 Nov 1897FUHLER, John KAMPWERTH, Theresia Married Sophia BECKMANN, on 11/23/1920, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL

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