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Name Born Baptized Father Mother Maiden Comments
GASSMANN, Maria 30 Dec 189929 May 1901GASSMANN, John Henry HINNEN, Barbara Age 24 years
GEBHARDT, John Conrad 23 Jul 187327 Jul 1873GEBHARDT, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBHART, Anna 10 May 187114 May 1871GEBHART, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBHART, Caspar William 4 Dec 18815 Dec 1881GEBHART, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBHART, Elisabeth Regina 8 Apr 187510 Apr 1875GEBHART, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBHART, Henry 23 Feb 187725 Feb 1877GEBHART, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBHART, Rosa 1 Sep 18831 Sep 1883GEBHART, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBHART, Theodore William 19 May 187921 May 1879GEBHART, John CLEMENT, Theresia
GEBKE, Anna Maria 13 Feb 190214 Feb 1902GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna
GEBKE, Elisabeth Bartholomae 10 Nov 189910 Nov 1899GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna
GEBKE, Friderick Joseph 16 Mar 190416 Mar 1904GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna
GEBKE, Henry Dominic 11 Dec 189712 Dec 1897GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna
GEBKE, Herman Bernard 6 Nov 18956 Nov 1895GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna Married Julia C. SEELHOEFFER (baptised in St. Louis, MO), on 11/23/1926, in St. Felicitas Church, Beaver Prairie, IL
GEBKE, John August 14 Sep 189115 Sep 1891GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna Married Josephina FROHN, on 9/16/1924, pg. 97
GEBKE, Joseph Bernard 1 Dec 18934 Dec 1893GEBKE, August DIERKES, Anna
GEBKE, Louis 17 Jan 187518 Jan 1875GEBKE, John DIETRICH, Louisa
GEBKE, Paulina 31 Aug 18722 Sep 1872GEBKE, John DIETRICH, Elisabeth
GEBKE, William 17 Jan 187518 Jan 1875GEBKE, John DIETRICH, Louisa
GEBKEN, Paulina Josephina 15 Feb 190715 Feb 1907GEBKEN, August DIERKES, Anna
GERLING, Bernard August 12 Jan 189113 Jan 1891GERLING, Bernard HOCHLER, Catharina Married Margaret H. SCHLEPER, on 2/12/1924, in St. Boniface Church, Germantown, IL
GERSTENCORS, Gertrude 27 Jan 187929 Jan 1879GERSTENCORS, Stephan KRONING, Theresia
GERSTENKORS, Henry Edward 27 Dec 190328 Dec 1903GERSTENKORS, Stephan POETKER, Anna Married Alice OEDRINGER, on 11/4/1930, in Immaculate Conception Church, Pierron, IL
GOESTENCORS, Anna Maria 6 Jan 18916 Jan 1891GOESTENCORS, Henry SCHROER, Theresia
GOESTENCORS, Bernard 14 Nov 190015 Nov 1900GOESTENCORS, George HELLMANN, Elisabeth Married Anna C. SCHROER, on 11/22/1932, in St. Augustine Church, St. Louis, MO
GOESTENCORS, Francis Stephan 14 Nov 190115 Nov 1901GOESTENCORS, Stephan POTTKER, Anna Married Alvina STRIEKER, on 2/20/1924, in St. Francis Church, Aviston, IL
GOESTENCORS, Gertrude Margaret 17 Apr 190317 Apr 1903GOESTENCORS, George HELLMANN, Elisabeth
GOESTENCORS, Henry Stephan 27 Feb 189228 Feb 1892GOESTENCORS, Henry SCHROER, Theresia
GOESTENCORS, John Henry 21 Jun 187322 Jun 1873GOESTENCORS, Stephan KRONING, Theresia
GOESTENCORS, Maria Bernardina 9 Nov 18959 Nov 1895GOESTENCORS, George HELLMANN, Elisabeth Married Bernard SCHRAGE (baptised on 3/19/1892, in St. Rose Church), on 10/29/1919
GOESTENCORS, Stephan 8 Aug 18758 Aug 1875GOESTENCORS, Stephan KROENING, Theresia
GOESTENCORS, Theresia Rosa 24 Jan 189425 Jan 1894GOESTENCORS, George HELLMANN, Elisabeth Married Henry WILKE (baptised on 12/23/1896, in St. Rose Church), on 10/29/1919
GOESTENKORS, Angelina Alma 26 Nov 190527 Nov 1905GOESTENKORS, Stephan POETKER, Anna Married on 10/19/1927, in Immaculate Conception Church, Pierron, IL
GOESTENKORS, Henry Leo 15 Jul 189815 Jul 1898GOESTENKORS, George HELLMANN, Elisabeth Married Clara GOESTENKORS, on 1/19/1920, in Cathedral St. Mary, Covington, KY
GOESTENKORS, Stephan Theodore 18 Oct 190419 Oct 1904GOESTENKORS, George HOLTGRAEVE, Elisabeth Married Maria GRAPPERHAUS (baptised on 10/13/1907, in St. Rose Church), on 10/4/1933, in St. Paul Church, Highland, IL
GRAPPERHAUS, Anna Catharina 29 Jul 189529 Jul 1895GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria
GRAPPERHAUS, Bernard Francis 20 Jul 189419 Jul 1894GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BOHNENKEMPER, Catharina
GRAPPERHAUS, Gerhard Henry 5 Aug 18825 Aug 1882GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria
GRAPPERHAUS, Henry August 28 Sep 188229 Sep 1882GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BOHNENKAEMPER, Catharina Married Catharina TEBBE, on 6/4/1912
GRAPPERHAUS, Henry August 20 Feb 188521 Feb 1885GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria
GRAPPERHAUS, John August 10 Aug 189010 Aug 1890GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria Married Franzisca HUELSMANN, on 11/25/1920, in St. Augustine Church, Breese, IL
GRAPPERHAUS, Joseph 14 Sep 188014 Sep 1880GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria
GRAPPERHAUS, Joseph Anton 13 Nov 190514 Nov 1905GRAPPERHAUS, Joseph KAMPWERTH, Adelheid Married Christina MASSE, on 10/20/1935, in St. Francis Xavier Church, St. Louis, MO
GRAPPERHAUS, Maria Catharina 10 Sep 188610 Sep 1886GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BONENKAMPER, Catharina
GRAPPERHAUS, Maria Catharina 12 Sep 188813 Sep 1888GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BONENKAMPER, Catharina
GRAPPERHAUS, Maria Catharina 31 Jul 18971 Aug 1897GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria
GRAPPERHAUS, Maria Elisabeth 5 Oct 18846 Oct 1884GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BONENKAMPER, Catharina
GRAPPERHAUS, Maria Josepha 10 Mar 189212 Mar 1892GRAPPERHAUS, Henry BONENKAMPER, Catharina Married Friderick TEBBE, son of Henry and Catharina nee MIDDEKE, on 10/7/1913, in St. Rose Church
GRAPPERHAUS, Maria Rosa 6 Dec 18876 Dec 1887GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria
GRAPPERHAUS, Theresia Elisabeth 10 Dec 189210 Dec 1892GRAPPERHAUS, August SCHRAGE, Maria

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