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Name Born Baptized Father Mother Maiden Comments
MEINERS, Anna Helena 7 Jul 18728 Jul 1872MEINERS, John Bernard BRUMMER, Anna Helena
MEINERS, Herman Henry 29 Mar 187429 Mar 1874MEINERS, Bernard BRUMMER, Anna Helena
MEINERS, John Henry 31 Dec 187631 Dec 1876MEINERS, John Bernard BRUMMER, Helena
MIDDEKE, Anna Catharina 5 Sep 18876 Sep 1887MIDDEKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina Married Reinhold BLUMENSTEIN, son of John and Bertha nee BRANDT, in St. Dominic Church, Breese
MIDDEKE, Anna Clara 6 Aug 18857 Aug 1885MIDDEKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina Married Joseph BOCKEL, on 10/21/1908, in Breese, IL
MIDDEKE, Anna Clara 27 May 189227 May 1892MIDDEKE, John HENRICHS, Maria Married John Bernard HORSTMANN, on 10/22/1912, in St. Rose Church
MIDDEKE, Clara Anna 23 Jan 190323 Jan 1903MIDDEKE, Bernard WOBBE, Anna
MIDDEKE, Elisabeth Franzisca 19 Mar 190020 Mar 1900MIDDEKE, John HENRICHS, Maria Married Anton F. SCHRAGE, on 2/1/1921, pg. 89
MIDDEKE, Henry August 16 Feb 187717 Feb 1877MIDDEKE, Bernard LEUWEKAMP, Clara
MIDDEKE, Henry Bernard 24 Aug 190025 Aug 1900MIDDEKE, Bernard WOBBE, Anna Married 4/28/1928, pg. 105
MIDDEKE, John Anton 13 Feb 187617 Feb 1876MIDDEKE, John LEUWEKAMP, Clara
MIDDEKE, John Bernard 14 Jul 187317 Jul 1873MIDDEKE, Bernard LEUWEKAMP, Clara
MIDDEKE, John Bernard 3 Aug 18903 Aug 1890MIDDEKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina
MIDDEKE, John Gerhard 26 Jul 189227 Jul 1892MIDDEKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina Married Regina Elisabeth HOLTGRAVE, in St. Augustine Church, Breese, IL
MIDDEKE, John Henry 27 Nov 189327 Nov 1893MIDDEKE, John HENRICHS, Maria Married Barbara Rosa KOHRS, daughter of Anton and Anna nee STOCK, on 5/5/1919, in Breese
MIDDEKE, Maria Agnes 4 May 18904 May 1890MIDDEKE, John HENRICHS, Maria Married Bernard HARTLAGE, on 10/18/1910
MIDDEKE, Maria Gertrude 29 Apr 18712 May 1871MIDDEKE, Bernard LEUWEKAMP, Clara
MIDDEKE, Maria Theresia 4 Apr 18845 Apr 1884MIDDEKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina
MIDDEKE, William Henry 13 Jan 189514 Jan 1895MIDDEKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina
MIDIKE, John Theodore 6 Jul 18978 Jul 1897MIDIKE, Henry RICHTER, Catharina
MIDIKE, Katharina Eugenia 14 Nov 189614 Nov 1896MIDIKE, John HENRICHS, Maria Married Henry VON HATTEN, son of Louis and Anna NIEMEYER, on 5/14/1919, in St. Rose Church
MOLITOR, Henry Aloysius 22 Aug 190123 Aug 1901MOLITOR, Boniface KOHLBREKER, Maria Married Eugenia HAAKE, on 6/16/1936, in St. Bernard Church, Albers, IL
MOLITOR, Margaret Frances 10 Feb 189910 Feb 1899MOLITOR, Boniface KOHLBREKER, Maria Married William WICHMANN (baptised on 9/14/1893, in St. Cecilia Church, Bartelso, IL), on 10/15/1919, in St. Augustine Church, Breese, IL
MOSS, Anna Maria 10 Dec 188010 Dec 1880MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth
MOSS, Anna Maria 21 Jul 188921 Jul 1889MOSS, Gerhard OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth
MOSS, August 3 Sep 18924 Sep 1892MOSS, Gerhard OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth Married L. Anna DORRIES, on 5/19/1920, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
MOSS, Bernard 25 Feb 189526 Feb 1895MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth Married Bertha HEYER, on 6/23/1920, in St. Dominic Church, Breese, IL
MOSS, Bernard Herman 30 Jun 18862 Jul 1886MOSS, Herman OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth
MOSS, Bernardina Josephina 26 Jul 189127 Jul 1891MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth
MOSS, Catharina Bernardina 20 Oct 189823 Oct 1898MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth Married Nicolaus HUSMANN, son of Bernard and Anna, in Breese
MOSS, Gerhard Herman 20 Feb 189422 Feb 1894MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth
MOSS, Henry Gerhard 1 Sep 18841 Sep 1884MOSS, Gerhard OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth
MOSS, Herman Joseph 20 Jun 189422 Jun 1894MOSS, Gerhard OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth Married Anna Cecilia DIESEN, on 11/21/1916, in Breese
MOSS, John Albert 19 Sep 189120 Sep 1891MOSS, Gerhard OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth
MOSS, Maria Catharina Theresia 1 Feb 18882 Feb 1888MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth
MOSS, Maria Elisabeth 4 Mar 18886 Mar 1888MOSS, Gerhard OTTENSMEIER, Elisabeth
MOSS, Maria Elisabeth Catharina 16 Jan 188617 Jan 1886MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth Married Joseph HUSMANN, on 10/28/1908, in Breese
MOSS, Maria Gesina 28 Jun 188328 Jun 1883MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth
MOSS, Maria Theresia 22 May 189023 May 1890MOSS, Herman HILLEN, Elisabeth Married Francis MALERI, on 1/20/1913, in St. Augustine Church, St. Louis, MO
MUSENBROCK, John Bernard 23 Jan 189024 Jan 1890MUSENBROCK, Joseph GEBHART, Maria Married Wilhelmina WEISENFELD (baptised on 6/21/1891, in St. Rose Church), on 10/22/1919, in St. Rose Church

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