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Name Born Baptized Father Mother Maiden Comments
PEEK, Augusta Frederica 27 Nov 190428 Nov 1904PEEK, George NIEMEIER, Maria Married William DEITERS, on 9/10/1924, pg. 97
PETERMEIER, Anna Bernardina 20 Oct 189421 Oct 1894PETERMEIER, Joseph KREITER, Carolina Married Henry Joseph POELKER, son of Bernard and Maria nee SCHEVELING, on 10/7/1913, in Breese, IL
PETERMEYER, John Anton 27 Jun 188829 Jun 1888PETERMEYER, George REILMANN, Bernardina
POETTKER, Catharina Louisa 22 Feb 188323 Feb 1883POETTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Maria Angela
POETTKER, Gerhard Henry 19 Dec 189520 Dec 1895POETTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Angelina Married on 11/7/1922, in St. Rose Church, page 92
POETTKER, Henry Joseph 12 Sep 189114 Sep 1891POETTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Angela
POETTKER, Ida Christina 5 Jul 19075 Jul 1907POETTKER, Bernard STRIKER, Anna Married Henry OTTENSMEIER, on 5/24/1939, in St. Rose Church, pg. 121
POETTKER, John Gerhard 1 Jun 18872 Jun 1887POETTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Maria Angela
POETTKER, Maria Angelina 26 Sep 189327 Sep 1893POETTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Angelina Married William HUELSMANN, on 4/16/1912, in Bartelso, IL
POLLMANN, Adelheid 5 Aug 18845 Aug 1884POLLMANN, Herman HEIM, Maria Theresia Twin
POLLMANN, Anna Friderica 26 Jan 187928 Jan 1879POLLMANN, Henry EIXSCHLER, Anna Adelheid
POLLMANN, Anna Maria 5 Nov 18786 Nov 1878POLLMANN, Herman HEINEN, Anna Maria Theresia
POLLMANN, Anton Herman 1 Feb 18813 Feb 1881POLLMANN, Henry Adelheid
POLLMANN, Bernard Herman 28 Nov 188028 Nov 1880POLLMANN, Herman SOMMER, Maria Catharina
POLLMANN, Carl Henry 3 Oct 18805 Oct 1880POLLMANN, John Herman HEIN, Theresia
POLLMANN, Christina Rosa 14 Jul 188315 Jul 1883POLLMANN, Herman Henry SOMMER, Catharina
POLLMANN, Francis 2 Apr 18824 Apr 1882POLLMANN, Henry EIXSCHLER, Adelheid
POLLMANN, Henry 5 Aug 18845 Aug 1884POLLMANN, Herman HEIM, Maria Theresia Twin
POLLMANN, Herman Theodore 21 Feb 187822 Feb 1878POLLMANN, Bernard Henry EIXSCHLER, Gesina Adelheid
POLLMANN, John Bernard 11 Feb 188012 Feb 1880POLLMANN, Bernard Herman RICKHOFF, Anna Maria
POTTKER, Anna Maria 14 Mar 187715 Mar 1877POTTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Angela
POTTKER, Bertha Joanna 17 Dec 189818 Dec 1898POTTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Angelina
POTTKER, Herman 23 Jun 188824 Jun 1888POTTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Maria Angela Married Maria STRIEKER, on 8/31/1915, in Aviston
POTTKER, John Bernard 4 May 18814 May 1881POTTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Maria Angela
POTTKER, John Henry 11 May 188511 May 1885POTTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Magdalena
POTTKER, Maria Anna 2 Jan 18798 Jan 1879POTTKER, Henry SCHUMACHER, Maria Angela

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