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Name Submitter
Santel, Henry Pamela Safriet 
SCHLAFLY Bros. Pamela Safriet 
Schneider, Norbert Pamela Safriet 
SCHROEDER, Frank H. Connie Albers 
SCHROEDER, H. G. Pamela Safriet 
Schurmann, H.  
SCHURMANN, Henry Connie Albers 
Schuster, John  
SCOTT, Noah Hoyt Connie Albers 
Sharpe, Elisha Dorothy Scott Falk 
SLADE, Mary  
SPARKS, Hon. W. A. J. Connie Albers 
STRANG, Elisha Connie Albers 
STUEVER Family Max A. Stuever 
Sutton, John J.  

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