Autobiographical and Historical Notes

As Submitted to the

Historical Society of the Southern Illinois Methodist Conference

Copied as written by his brother, Levi S. Walker, about 1905

1. Birth, Parentage and Nativity: Rev. Samuel Walker was born in Clinton Co., Ill Oct 12, 1823. Died Oct 16” 1897 in Carlyle, Ill – His Father’s name was Simeon Walker 54 years a Gospel Minister. Mother’s maiden name was Elizabeth SHARP. His birth place was 4 miles south west of Carlyle, Clinton Co., Ill. near the Gum Ridge Camp Ground where he resided with his Father’s family working on the Farm and attending the schools untill he was married to Permelia C. MAXEY Sept. 11th 1844.

2. Childhood – Home Training: From his birth he was dedicated to the Lord and knew nothing but religeous influence and training of the pureest and highest type: his Father & Mother both beeing devout and earnest Christians = Family Religeon and training being with them of Paramont interest and hence was put befor every thing else.

3. High School, Academic or Collegiate Education: His Education was such as he could get from the comon schools of the country at that time, suplimented by constant aplication and reading all through life. He was a student to the end.

4. Conversion - Church membership - Religious Life - Participation in Sunday School, League, Revival and Temperance Work: He was converted at the Old Gum Ridge Camp meetings when about 13 years of age. And united with the M. E. Church and commenced at once to conduct prayer meetings among the young people and was active in church work as class leader; steward; Exhorter and Local Preacher. He was especially efficient in revival work and maney were led to Christ by him before he commenced his more Public Minestery = His conversion was veery clear and satisfactory to himself; and his zeal was corrispondently great for the Masters caus.

5. Call to Preach - License - Probation in Conference - Ordination - Membership: His conversion was to him a call to publickly work for the Master and he commenced at once but he was not regulerly licensed by the Church to preach untill about 1854. His call to the work of the Ministry was to him as unmistakeable as his conversion was clear: he continued to work with zeale and efficency as a Local preacher and as such was appointed to the New Liberty Circuit in Sept 1856 and in Sep 1857 was admitted to the S. Ill. Conf. on Probation at Lebanon Bishop SCOTT presiding. He was Ordained Deacon at the Conf. held at Richview Ill Oct 2nd 1859 Bishop AMES Presiding and Ordaned Elder at the Conf. held at Salem Ill Oct 6” 1861 Bishop JANES Presiding. He continued his connection with the S. Ill. Conf. up to the day of Death Oct 16” 1897.

6. Appointments Served, with experience in Pasotral Work, Revival Incidents, Church or Parsonage Building, Missionary and Benevolent Contributions of Charges, Debt-Paying, Settlement of difficulties among brethren, and other matters of interest:

He was appointed to New Liberty 1857

Farefield 1858 & 59

Xenia 1860 & 61

Murpeysboro 1862 & 63

Sandoval 1864

Kane 1865 & 66

Elsa 1867 & 68

Gilaspi 1869 & 70

Staunton 1871 & 72

Troy 1873

Trenton 1874 & 75

Shiloh 1876 & 77

Clement 1878 & 79

Mulbery Grove 1880

Freeburg 1881

Wisetown 1882 & 83

Clement 1884 & 85

Troy 1886 & 87

Venis 1888

Supernumerary 1889 – 1895

Superannate 1897

Transferred to the Conference above Oct 16/97.

Note: A copy of this handwritten bio was obtained from the Methodist Church Archives located in the McKendree College, Holman Library, Lebanon, Illinois, with a big thanks to Linda Isbell, Volunteer Archivist.

Dorothy Falk has a copy of bio transcribed here.

Submitted by: Dorothy Scott Falk

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