Much has been written on this website about Cynthia Tozer’s husband, A. H. Johnson and his family.

While it may seem that these accomplishments would be hard to top, Cynthia’s family were no slackers either. To wit:

Samuel Tozer, her father fought in the War of 1812 at Fort Erie where a superior British force was defeated by a ragtag division.

Julius Tozer, her grandfather, fought in the American Revolution. He enlisted for the entire war at age sixteen. General Washington himself signed the discharge papers for Julius at Yorktown. Later Julius was a Colonel in the War of 1812; he was wounded in the hip when a British shell exploded near him. Another unique fact is that a photograph exists of Julius that was taken shortly before his death. Her other grandfather, Annanias Conkling was in the artillery in the New York Continental Army from New York during the American Revolution too.

Her great grandfather Samuel fought and survived in the Wyoming Massacre in Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania during the American Revolution and her other great grandfather, Joseph Conkling, was a Lieutenant in the New York Militia during the Revolution as well. Joseph fought in many battles including the Battle of Long Island and Saratoga.

The following other ancestors did the following:

Robert Hicks and his wife, Margaret Winslow, sister of Gov. Edward Winslow, went to Holland to escape religious persecution in England before attempting to come to the New World on the Speedwell. As the Speedwell got turned back, Robert came in 1621 on the ship, Fortune, and Margaret came on the ship, Anne, in 1623.

Reverend Francis Higginson and John Winthrop who helped sustain the Plymouth Colony in 1628.

Lionel Gardiner founded Long Island in the late 1630’s.

Thomas Smith help founded Maine in 1630.

Richard Smith helped found Rhode Island in 1630 and established Smith’s Castle an important trading post now on the register of historic places. At one time, Richard owned over 40,000 acres of land in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York during his lifetime.

John Pratt helped found the Hartford Colony in Connecticut in 1634.

Richard Tozer, the immigrant, founded the first glass works in America in 1635 and his grandson Richard helped to found New Hampshire in 1641.

Another relative, Vincent Meigs, was related to the King Edward III, part of the Plantagenet Line.

Approximately another dozen direct descendants came to America with the Winthrop Fleet before 1633.

Cynthia came from good stock, but like her forebears she believed in God, personal liberty, and limited government and her family’s deeds greatly shaped the founding of New England and America. Cynthia applied those same beliefs to her part of the founding of Trenton.

Submitted by: Kent Worley

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