Who has been pastor of the church of St. Dominic, at Breese, since 1858, was born at Warburg, Prussia, August 26th, 1832. His parents were John and Theresia (PREWET) Reineke. His early education was obtained at a college at Warburg. From 1852 to 1858 he was a student at Paderborn, where he received ordination as sub-deacon in 1856. Through the instrumentality of the Bishop of Alton, whose acquaintance he made in Germany, he came to America in 1858. He pursued his studies at Alton till his ordination as deacon on the first Sunday in October, 1858. Immediately after his ordination he went to Quincy, where he said his first mass, and from there was called to the pastorate of the church at Breese, of which he took charge in October, 1858. The congregation was then composed of about forty families, of limited means. This number has been increased to one hundred and fifty families. In 1868 a magnificent church building was completed, at a cost of seventy thousand dollars. This edifice was constructed from stone procured within four miles of Breese. The tall spire may be seen from a great distance over the surrounding country. The exterior is massive, while the interior is finished in a handsome manner, which entitles the church to the distinction of being the finest in the southern part of Illinois. A pastoral residence is now in process of construction, the cost of which will exceed seven thousand dollars. Father Reineke is a man of great energy, and to his executive ability is largely due the progress made by the congregation of St. Dominic.

Source: History of Marion and Clinton Counties, Illinois, 1881, Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia

Submitted by: Pamela Safriet

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