Among the oldest residents of Trenton is John RIEMANN, who came to the place in 1855. He was born at Oberkaufungen, Hesse-Cassel, January 23, 1826. He was the next to the oldest of seven children of Louis RIEMANN and his wife, Charlotte, whose maiden name was EISENBERG. He was raised in Oberkaufungen. He went to school till he was fourteen years old, and then became an apprentice to the carpenter's trade. On reaching manhood he made up his mind to emigrate to America, and leaving home on the 11th of August, 1854, about six weeks afterward he reached New York. He brought with him no money to America, and was obliged to borrow fifteen dollars with which to get to Pittsburg. Work was difficult to obtain, and he only secured employment for a short time at Pittsburg, at making boxes in a glass factory. In 1855 he came to St. Louis, and from that city to St. Clair county, Ill.

He obtained work at Mascoutah, and remained there through the summer. Late in the fall of 1855 he came to Trenton, where he has lived ever since. When he came to Trenton there were only three German families living in the place, and Mr. RIEMANN is now one of the oldest citizens of the town. Most of the houses erected in the early history of Trenton were built by Mr. RIEMANN. In September, 1858, he married Mary BASSLER, who was born at Musbach, in Rhein-Pfalz, and came to America in the spring of 1854. In 1866 he engaged in the lumber business, though he still carries on carpentering and building. His brother, Louis RIEMANN, is his partner. He has six children: Mary, now the wife of George FISHER; Bertha, Louis, Carl, John and Alvina. He is a republican in politics. He has served several times as member of the Board of Trustees of Trenton, and for twelve years as a member of the Board of Education. His parents came to this country in 1870, and are now living at Trenton, having spent together fifty-seven years of married life.

Source: History of Marion and Clinton Counties, Illinois, 1881, Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia

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