Henry Hummert is the Superintendent of the Breese Future Coal Mining Company. This enterprise, which is one of the most important in the county, owes its success in a large measure to the efforts of Mr. Hummert, who during his two years’ service as superintendent has materially promoted the importance and increased the value of the mines. The Directors of the company are: Theodore KLUTHO, President; F. KOCH, Secretary and Treasurer; Benjamin H. DONNE; Henry KLUTE and William ENGEL, of St. Louis; Frank KUHLS and Henry GERDES, of Breese. The mines at Breese are four hundred feet in depth and cover an acreage of three hundred. They have a capacity of twenty carloads per day, and shipment is made to St. Louis. Steady employment is given to a force of seventy-five or eighty men. The land is valued at $3,000, the shaft cost $8,000 and other improvements $5,000, making the enterprise one of the most valuable and important in this section of the state.

Mr. Hummert is a native of Breese, to which place his father, Henry, came from St. Louis, in 1858. After settling here the latter embarked in the lumber and grain business, but what would have undoubtedly proved a successful career was suddenly cut short by his death in 1859. A German by birth he was an American in his principles and was thoroughly loyal to the institutions of our country. Two of his children are now living: Henry and Maggie, the latter being the wife of John BARTH. The former was born in 1859, about the time of his father's death, and consequently was deprived of the assistance and counsel of that parent.

After having acquired an excellent education in St. Louis Mr. Hummert began mining in 1881 and for some time was Secretary of the Breese Mining Company, which later consolidated with and merged into the present company. He remained with the new organization, serving as clerk, also for one year having charge of the works and then filling the position of foreman until 1892. Since that time he has been Superintendent. In his work he has received the encouragement of his wife, whom he married in 1882 and who was formerly Miss Mary KLUTHO. The family circle is completed by the two children, August and Victor, bright and manly lads, in whom the parents center their greatest hopes.

The religious home of the family is in the Catholic Church, to the support of which Mr. Hummert is a generous contributor. He is now serving as President of the St. Joseph Society. In politics a Democrat, he has been influential and prominent for many years in the councils of the party and now represents Breese Township as a member of the Central Committee. He has also been Treasurer of the Breese Township Schools, and for two terms served as Township Assessor. His fellow citizens have honored him with the highest office in their gift, that of Mayor, and he is the present incumbent of that office.

The fact that Mr. Hummert possesses qualities of an unusually high order is proved by his steady advance in the company’s employ. His business tact and enterprise are acknowledged and are winning for him a competence, while his social qualities and sterling traits of character have gained the regard of many friends throughout the community. His support may always be relied upon when movements for the public good are being planned, and he has lent cheerful assistance to all plans for improving the village and adding to its attractiveness as a place of residence.

Source: Portrait and Biographical Record of Clinton, Washington, Marion and Jefferson Counties, Illinois, 1894, Chapman Publishing Co., Chicago, IL

Submitted by: Connie Albers

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