Was born at Liel, in Baden, January 21st, 1837. He was the oldest of four children of John E., and Mary Ann Meyer. In 1850 the family emigrated to America, reaching New Orleans in October, and from there coming to St. Louis. In January, 1851, his father bought forty acres s of prairie and twenty of timber in section three of the present St. Rose township. His father lived here till 1862, when he was killed by a horse, which ran away and dragged him to death. In 1858 Esq. Meyer was employed by a man in Jamestown to peddle goods through the country. He followed this a year, then went to farming, but afterward went back again to the occupation of peddling, which he pursued till the commencement of the war of the rebellion. In 1860 a brass band was started at Jamestown, of which Esq. Meyer was a member. This band volunteered for the war, and Esq. Meyer was mustered into the United Sates service on the 19th of August, 1861. The band was attached to the 26th Illinois regiment. He was mustered out in June, 1862, at which time the war department issued an order discharging all regimental bands. In October, 1862 the band re-enlisted, as a brigade band, and first served in south-east Missouri, in Gen. DAVIDSON’s division, and in the spring of 1863 was attached to the 13th army corps, with which it remained until the close of the war. He served in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas, and was discharged at New Orleans, August 18th, 1865. He then returned home and started into business at Jamestown. He served as constable from 1865 to 1869, and since the latter date has been justice of the peace. He also acts as collection agent. He cast his first vote for president for Abraham LINCOLN, in 1860, and has since been a Republican. In 1861 he married Anna HOFFMANN, a native of Canton Berne, Switzerland. He has had four children, Emma L., Bertha M., Louis A. who died at the age of four years and six months, and Anna O.

Source: History of Marion and Clinton Counties, Illinois, 1881, Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia

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