Clinton County Illinois Births

Jan 1884 - June 3 1887


What follows is a transcription by Dorothy Falk of the information contained in birth records for Clinton County in the years 1884 and 1885. Dorothy hopes to transcribe additional years as the information becomes available. Thanks Dorothy!





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Births Index to Place Names


Key To Place Name Abbreviations

(USA locations with no state given are in Illinois)

2Avi 2.5 miles N of Aviston Jame Jamestown
4Ger 4.5 miles SW of Germantown Jeff Jefferson County
4Key 4 miles E of Keysport Keys Keyesport
Afri Africa Lake Lake Township
Alag Alagany CityPA Leba Lebanon, St. Clair Co.
Amer America(n) Liver Liverpool, England
Athe Athens, OH Look Looking Glass Township
Avis Aviston Louis Louisville KY
Badh Badhead, WI Madi Madison County 
Balt Baltimore MD Mario Marion County 
Bart Bartelso Masc Mascoutah, St. Clair County
Belg Belgium Meri Meridian Township
Belle Belleville, St. Clair County  Mich Michigan
Boho Bohomia(n) Mind Minden, Prussia
Bond Bond County  Morr Morrison County NJ
Boul Boulder NBad New Baden, Clinton or St. Clair Co.
Bree Breese (town) Niev Nievellanphia
BreT Breese Township NMe New Memphis
Broo Brookside Township NMS New Memphis Station
Buxt Buxton  Norl New Orleans LA
Cana Canada Ofall O’Fallon, St. Clair County
Carl Carlyle  Olde Oldenburg, Germany
Carr Carrel(la) OH PFC Poor Farm, Carlyle
Clea Cleaes, OH Ports Portsmouth OH
Clem Clement Township Russ Russia(n)
Clint Clinton County Sand Sandusky City
Cole Coles County SanF Santa Fe Township
Colr Colerain, PA SCla St. Clair County
Dami Damiansville Scot Scotch
Dane Danish Scotl Scotland
Den Denmark Scott Scott County IA
Dutc Dutch SCT Shoal Creek Township
Edw Edwardsville, Madison County Shat Shattuc
Efrk East Fork Township SJoh St. John OH
Engl English, England SLib St. Libory, Washington County
Franc France SLou St. Louis MO
Fren French Smor St. Morgan
Frog Frogtown SRos St. Rose (town)
Gals Galschken SRT St. Rose Township
Germ German, Germany SuCr Sugar Creek Township
Gert Germantown Sum Summerfield, St. Clair County
GetT Germantown Township Swed Sweden
Hami Hamilton County OH Swee Sweed
Hanc Hancock County Swis Swis
Hano Hanover Swit Switzerland
High Highland, Madison County Trent Trenton
Holla Hollander, Holland US/USA United States of America
Huey Huey Wad Wade Township
InPa Indiana PA Warr Warren County OH
Irel Ireland Wash Washington County
Irish Irish, Irishtown Township Wayn Wayne County OH
Jack Jacksonville Whe Wheatfield Township
    Will Williamson County IL



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