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Lake Branch Cemetery is on the Old State Road (the Old Vincennes to St. Louis Trail), about a mile west of Lake Branch Road, on the south side of the road. This old cemetery is dotted with 7 old cedar trees about a block from the road. It is surrounded on all four sides by farm land except for the farm lane that leads to the cemetery and farms. This is a Methodist Cemetery and could still be owned by them. The Lake Branch Methodist Church and the Lake Branch school used to be nearby. The earlier church records might be in the Methodist archives or they might have been taken with the members when their small congregation merged into the small Trenton Evangelical Church, now St. John's United Church of Christ in Trenton. Death dates on stones here range between 1843 and 1917, although burials were made as late as the 1940's. There are stones remaining for 11 people who were born in the early 1800s and 5 people who were born in the 1700s.

As with all old cemeteries, we assume many people were buried here with no marker or with wooden markers that are now gone. Many of the stones are now in pieces, we thank Mr. Huelsman and the Clinton County Historical Society, lead by Harold Gentz, for reclaiming, retaining and stacking them in piles. For this listing, we began Row 1 at the entrance with Grave 1 of each row begining on the north side. The grave numbers indicate the sequence of the remaining stones, adjacent numbers do not necessarily mean adjacent stones. S/w means "Shares tombstone with". This is a combination of what we were able to read on the stones plus a few comments, items not on the stone are marked with an *. For the Veterans, PHS means Private Head Stone and GHS means Government Head Stone.

A history of the cemetery is published in Clinton County Historical Society's Quarterly 19-4.

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Row Grave Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
ALLS, Mary M. ---  12 Oct 1864  In Memory of. Wife of Robert. Daughter of David & Rebecca POTTS. 29Y 5xx 
BOOKER, Eliza 2 Jul 1816  5 Apr 1888  Stone says "Father" and "Mother" on one side, "Husband" on another side. Only Eliza's name is on the stone.* 
BOOKER, Unknown ---  ---  Concrete marker only, no information* 
---  ---  CARR, Alice ---  23 Dec 1858  No stone found, see Death Certifcate 9-5* 
25  CARR, Andrew M. ---  16 Feb 1842  Age 37Y. Footstone A C 
CARR, Anna 1 Jul 1844  11 Jul 1874  Wife of Andrew M. S/w Edith. 
26  CARR, Charles McMicken 24 Dec 1809  12 Jun 1886  In Memory of. Born in Bucks Co. Pennsylvania, Died in Trenton, IL 
CARR, Edith 29 Jun 1874  23 Jul 1874  Daughter of A. M. & A. S/w Anna. 
11  CARR, Elizabeth Ellis ---  23 Jun 1851  Daughter of C. M. & Hannah E. 5Y. Stone worn & broken. Footstone E. C. 
15  CARR, Florence Josephine ---  16 Sep 1852  Daug. of C. M. & Hannah E. Age 2M 8D. Suffer the little children to come unto me. For such is the kingdom of heaven. S/w Hannah Louisa. 
---  ---  CARR, Hannah ---  26 Feb 1867  Daug of Andrew M & Anna. Age 16D. Sleep on dear babe and take thy rest, God called thee home when he thought it best. No stone remaining. Information from previous reading.* 
13  CARR, Hannah Elizabeth ---  28 Jul 1857  Wife of Charles M. Age 44Y 1M 12D 
14  CARR, Hannah Louisa ---  8 Sep 1852  Daug. of C. M. & Hannah E. Age 6Y 4M 27D. S/w Florence Josephine. 
CARR, Unknown ---  31 Jul 1845 ?  Age 9M 17D. Stone broken, name not visible, between Carrs. * 
12  CARR, Unknown ---  23 Jun 1851/57  Age 5Y. Stone broken, name not visible, between Carrs.* 
14  COATES, Jane 12 Jan 1841  7 Feb 1845  In Memory of 
15  COATES, T. S. 28 Apr 1842  26 Jan 1845  In Memory of 
---  ---  DOWNING, Mary * ---  4 Sep 1881 *  Aged 34Y 9M 22D. Death certificate # 969. * 
18  ERISMAN, Elizabeth 4 Oct 1804  2 Jun 1858  Age 53Y 7M 28D. Sacred to the memory of. Wife of John. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. My children dear, This place draw near. A mother's grave to see, Not long ago I was with you, But soon you'll be with me. Dearest Mother thou has left here, Here thy loss we deeply feel. But tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal. Yet again we hope to meet thee, When the day of life is fled, Then Heaven with joy to greet thee, where no farewell tears is shed. 
17  ERISMAN, Israel A. 18 Apr 1837  18 Jan 1859  21Y 9M. Sacred to the Memory of. Dearest. Our glowing hearts in one __. The hope, the one eternal hope, Which Jesus great has given, The hope when days on earth have passed, We all shall meet in Heaven. 
10  FEATHERSTUN, John R. ---  4 Apr 1872  Aged 29Y 11M 6D. Stone broken in many pieces, lying in pile in front of Mary E. * 
FEATHERSTUN, Mary E. 5 Apr 1817  1 Jun 1867  Wife of B/R. 
FISCHER, Infant ---  30 Sep 1843  Age 9M 6D. Stone is broken in many pieces, in pile with 3 others. * 
---  ---  FISCHER, M.K. Hel. ? ---  23 Oct ---  No stone found, information from earlier cemetery reading* 
11  FISCHER, Martha A. 20 Aug 1849  22 Apr 1871  In Memory of. Age 22Y 11M 2D (bad math *) 
FISCHER, Mary G. ---  30 Sep 1845  Age 9M 6D. Daughter of L.P. & M. B. Stone in many pieces, in pile with 3 others. * 
FISCHER, Thomas G. ---  3 Feb 1850  33Y. Stone is broken. * 
10  FISCHER, Unknown ---  28 Nov 1855  Age 3Y 8M. Dau of L. P. & M. B.Stone broken, top missing. Could be M. K. Hel. Fisher 
27  FISHER, Henry W/H. ---  23 Feb 1856  Aged 29Y 11M. 8Dys 
FISHER, James L. ---  18 Oct 1869  Age 2Y 9M 15D. Son of L. P. & M. R. Stone broken in many pieces, in pile with 3 others. * 
FISHER, Wm. ---  11 Dec 1845  Age 54Y 2M. Stone broken in many pieces, in pile with 3 others. * 
FISK, Alvin H. ---  29 Dec 1844  Age 2Y 4M 27D. Son of R. & S. 
FISK, Benjamin C. ---  4 Nov 184x  Stone broken, some pieces are gone.* 
FISK, Henry Clay 3 Sep 1844  4 Jul 1868  Son of Roswell & Sarah 
FISK, Roswell ---  20 Dec 1847  Aged 41Y 11M 6D. S/w Sarah. Footstone (not shared). * 
FISK, Sarah ---  18 Dec 1846  Age 33Y 1M 24D. Wife of R. S/w Roswell. Footstone (not shared). * 
FISK, Unknown ---  2/0/9 Aug 1852  Age 14Y xxM 7D. Child of R. & S. Stone broken off, information from previous reading. * 
FOEHNER, Leonhart 7 Jan 1894  27 Nov 1898  Our Darling. Son of L. & C. Not lost, blest thought, but gone before, Where we shall meet, to part no more. Footstone L. F. 
19  FRYLING, Albert ---  12 Dec 1844  Age 12Y 1M 22D. Son of Samuel & Ann. S/w Edwin. 
20  FRYLING, Edwin ---  8 Jan 1845  Age 14Y 1M 23D. Son of Samuel & Ann. S/w Albert. 
21  FRYLING, Elmira ---  7 May 1845  Age 18M. Daughter of Samuel & Anna. Stone in pieces, in pile in front of Edwin & Albert. * 
16  GINNETT, Thos. J. 24 Jan 1828  27 Mar 1856  And footstone T. J. G. 
GOODING, Ada E. 1 Dec 1864  28 Sep 1883  Age 18Y 9M 27D. Our sister. Dau of Abram & Malinda. Born in Clinton Co. Died in Belleville, IL. S/w Malinda. 
GOODING, Amy M. ---  18 Aug 1868  Age 7Y 4M 25D. Daug. of A. & M. I love the lamb who died for me, I love his little lamb to be. I love the Bible where I find, How good my savior his cross to stay, I love the grave where Jesus lay. 
GOODING, Bayard T. 13 Feb 1857  4 Apr 1872  Our Faithful Son. Son of A. & M. The Spirit like a peaceful dove, Flies from the realms of Noise & Strife. Why should we hear and grieve His Love, Who seals our souls to Heavenly life. 
GOODING, Fanny C. 22 Feb 1839  1 Jul 1860  Wife of Robt. Broken stone. Footstone F. G. * 
GOODING, Hannah L. ---  ---  Dau of xxx, In Gooding plot. Piece of stone leaning against Robert's grave. Surname could be SHEPHARD. * 
GOODING, Malinda 26 Nov 1837  4 Apr 1884  Age 46Y 4M 8D. Our Mother. Born in St. Clair Co. IL, Died in Belleville, IL. S/w Ada E. 
GOODING, Robert, Lieut. 20 Oct 1834  16 Dec 1864  He died for a land that will honor his name. For freedom that weeps o'er her patriots slain. He died for his Country, her honor, her might. He fell like a hero defending the right. Our brother. Co. E 59th Reg IL No. 1 PHS. Killed at Overton Hill (Nashville, TN*) after serving his country 3Y 5M. Stone is in Gooding fenced plot with sword and shield.* 
11  GORDON, Joseph 13 Oct 1802  14 Jan 1886  Age 83Y 3M 1D. Sacred to the Memory of. Here rest thee til we run our race, And heavy toils shall close. Then shall we seek thy resting place, And share thy long repose. 
14  GRAY, Catharine ---  18 Feb 1866  Age 62Y. Wife of G. W. Asleep in Jesus. S/w Jas. W., Mary A. & Wm. A. 
15  GRAY, Catharine ---  Sep 1849  Age 17Y. Daughter of George & Cath. 
13  GRAY, Jas. W. ---  25 Apr 1877  Aged 54Y 5M 28D. Gone but not forgotten. S/w Catharine, Mary A. & Wm. A. 
16  GRAY, John ---  18 Aug 1848  Age 22Y. Son of George & Cath. Broken Stone. * 
11  GRAY, Mary A. 18 Jan 1856  19 Jan 1856  Dau of J. & E. S/w Jas. W, Catharine & Wm. A. 
12  GRAY, Wm. A. ---  23 Sep 1855  Age 1Y 9M 16D. Son of J. & E. S/w Mary A., Jas. W. & Catharine. 
19  GREER, David ---  14 Feb 1856  Aged 55 years 
GREER, Edward L. 6 Oct 1875  26 Apr 1881  Son of B. L. & M. E. He took thee from a world of care, In everlasting bliss to share. 
HARRISON, Henry ---  7 Sep 1858  Age 18Y 2M 9D. Son of D. & R. Stone broken, pieces in a pile. * 
HETZEL, Christina Marty 14 Jun 1818  5 Mar 1893  In Memory of. Wife of Michael. Born at Eldenheim Baden Germany, Died at Aviston, IL. S/w Michael. 
---  ---  HETZEL, Eliza ---  13 Nov 1884  No stone found, see Death Certicate # 1526. Age 20, born NC.* 
HETZEL, Infant 20 May 1895  20 May 1895  Dau of J. & M. S/w Mary J. 
HETZEL, J. W. B. (John) 1853  ---  Flat concrete stone with 2 crosses.* Born in Missouri, married Mollie FRAZIER in 1893. First name, birth date and marriage provided by Connie Tucker
HETZEL, Jacob ---  26 Jun 1913  Co. G. 13 Ill. Cav. GHS. Date of Death from 1956 Honor Roll. 
HETZEL, Mary J. 26 Sep 1896  7 Nov 1898  Dau of J. & M. S/w Infant. 
HETZEL, Michael 23 Nov 1812  19 Jan 1897  Born at Neimel, Germany. Died at Aviston, IL. S/w Christina Marty. 
14  HICKLIN, Francis M. 18 Nov 1851  2 Aug 1853  Son of John & Arminda. Suffer the little children to come unto me, Forbid them not. For such is the kingdom of heaven. Stone badly deteriorated. * 
16  HICKLIN, John ---  11 Apr 1870  Aged 44Y. Dear friends as you pass by, Think how cold and pail I lie. AS I am now, so you must be, Prepare for death and follow me. Stone has an enbossed broken chain hanging from index finger. * 
15  HICKLIN, William N. 16 Mar 1866  19 Aug 1867  Son of John & Arminda 
12  HOLT, James ---  24 Feb 1856  Age 55Y 5M 19D. Stone broken. * 
10  HOLT, Joseph B. ---  16 Sep 1858  Age 29Y 5M 7D 
13  HOLT, Mary A. D. ---  26 Feb 1856  Age 62Y xxM 7D. Wife of J. Stone broken into pieces in a pile. * 
11  HOLT, Priscilla R. ---  3 Nov 1855  Age 12Y 10M 23D. Dau of J. & M. A.D. Dearest sister Thou has left here. Thy loss we deeply feel, But God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal. 
---  ---  JENNINGS, Jennie ---  15 Jul 1871  Age about 2Y. Dau of J. E. & C. No stone found, information from previous reading. * 
JOHNSON, Hetty Ann ---  24 Mar 18__  26Y 7M 9D. Sacred in the memory of. Wife of J. P. Stone. Stone broken & in a pile, with Footstone. * 
---  ---  KERxxx, Mary ---  ---  Dau of Shirley. No stone found, information from earlier cemetery reading* 
KIRGAN, Alfred ---  18 Aug 1858  Age 28Y 5M 25D. His death was caused by an accidental gunshot. Stone broken and in pieces. * 
28  KIRGAN, Margaret 11 Jul 1796  26 Aug 1854  Member of Methodist Church. Wife of S. S. 
22  LEAR, Henry 3 Mar 1802  3 Jun 1887  Born in Bucks Co. Pa. S/w Sarah. 4 lines of illegible poetry, includes "home" and "unknown." * 
24  LEAR, Mary ---  28 Sep 1846  Age 42Y. Wife of Henry 
23  LEAR, Sarah 13 Jul 1808  23 Dec 1882  Born in Richmond, VA. S/w Henry. 2 lines of illegible poetry including "sleep" and "weep." * 
---  ---  LINDSEY, Benjamin F 13 Mar 1838  16 Mar 1878  Information from death certificate as provided by Tom Lindsey. Death certificate listed the surname as LINSEY. Benjamin was a Confederate soldier - see his Biography 
10  MARTIN, Infant ---  ---  Buried with Mary E. 
MARTIN, Mary E. ---  4 Apr 1853  Age 24Y. Wife of T. S. "Also an infant" 
11  NEAL, Adelia R. ---  1 Mar 1856  Age 6M 12D. Dau of T. L. P. & H. 
NEAL, Albert T. 20 Dec 1849  24 Feb 1868  Son of T. L. P. & H. He said as he passed over the viper of death, O you must be a lover of Jesus, Or you can't go to heaven. His last words "I do love Jesus." 
NEAL, Belle, Miss 16 Jan 1863  4 Jan 1888  In Memory of. Daughter of Thos. L. P. & Huldah. Fare you well dear Belle until we meet in heaven. 
12  NEAL, Edward W. ---  18 Dec 1854  6Y 7M 16D. Son of T. L. P. & H. 
NEAL, Hulda 11 Feb 1821  10 Mar 1898  Age 77Y 29D. Born in Trenton, Ills. We shall meet again, sweet mother, In a brighter clime than this, Where the anguish of this world of ours, Is lost in deathless bliss. S/w Thomas L. P. 
10  NEAL, James B. 23 Dec 1856  15 Jan 1857  Son of T. L. P. & H. 
NEAL, Martha E. 11 Nov 1845  31 Jul 1864  Many hopes lie buried here. Dau of T. L. P. & H. S/w Preston L. 
NEAL, Mary Ann 11 Apr 1844  23 Nov 1853  Dau of T. L. P. & H. She died in beauty like a rose, Blown from its parent stem. And now with God in sweet repose, She wears an angel's diadem. Stone is broken.* 
NEAL, Preston L. 14 Aug 1860  6 Mar 1862  Brightest flowers soonest fade. Son of T. L. P. & H. S/w Martha E. 
13  NEAL, Samuel ---  20 Aug 1851  66Y. Stone in pieces, in a pile. * 
NEAL, Thomas L. P. ---  22 Aug 1897  Age 83Y 5M 8D. Born in Lawrence Co. Ohio. Died at Lake Branch. S/w Hulda. O Thou who dries the mourners tears, How dark this world would be, Did we not know our Father dear, Was only called to thee. 
NETHERTON, Katie ---  12 Apr 1889  Age 24Y 9M 29D. Rest in peace. Wife of C. H. Sleep on dear wife and take thy rest, God called thee home, He thought it best. S/w Roy C. Also see Death Record # 1531. * 
NETHERTON, Roy C. ---  9 Jun 1889  Age 6M 25D. Son of C. H. & K. Gone but not forgotten. S/w Katie 
ORTEN, Angeline L. ---  7 Apr 1864  Age 1M 28D. Daughter of J. & M. E. Sleep on dear babe, And take thy rest. God called thee home, When He thought best. 
ORTEN, Jasper N 12 Dec 1831  16 Jan 1870  In Memory of 
PARKER, Mathilda 31 Mar 1853  3 Feb 1908  Beloved wife of Dr. S. M. 
PHILLIPS, Alanzo 27 Apr 1852  8 Jul 1871  Farewell. Son of D. & B. Death is the crown of life. Top of stone missing. * 
PHILLIPS, Belinda B. 17 Jun 1812  22 Jun 1882  Wife of David. Gone Home. 
PHILLIPS, Cyrus Marshel 16 Jul 1878  12 Sep 1878  Son of L. A. & M. E. Stone broken. * 
PHILLIPS, David 4 Dec 1807  2 Dec 1876  God gave, He took, He will restore, He doeth all things well. Stone is broken and leaning on Belinda's stone.* 
POTTS, Cyrus ---  16 Aug 1863  Age 26Y 1M 26D. Weep not for me, Companion Dear, I am not dead but sleeping here. Prepare for death, for die you must, And with your Cyrus sleep in dust. Broken stone pieces in a pile. * 
POTTS, Julia J. ---  12 Jan 1869  Age 18Y 10M 3D. In Memory of. Dau of J. & M. C. Our Julia has left us, her spirit has fled. Her body now slumbers along with the dead. Her Saviour hath called her to Him. She hath gone. Be ye also ready to follow her soon. 
18  POWER, Louisa 3 Feb 1855  22 Dec 1881  Wife of Thomas POWER. Footstone L. P. No "S" on end of surname.* 
17  POWERS, Thomas L. 3 Nov 1840  21 Apr 1881  Surname spelled with S.* The promise of him who sleeps in earth, The pleasant memory of his worth, The hope to meet when life is past, Shall cheer the sorrowing heart at last. Footstone T.L.P. 
RANDALL, Thomas 20 Feb 1783  25 Feb 1865   
RENO, A. ---  25 Mar 1910   
RENO, Martha May 2 Feb 1888  24 Feb 1904  Daughter of A. & E. 
RIGGS, Gertrude Tennessee 22 Dec 1860  21 Apr 1867  Dau of S. W. & Maria E. 
---  ---  SCHLEMKER, Mary 13 Apr 1861  31 Mar 1867  Dau of C. B. & Anna. No stone found, information from previous cemetery reading. 
---  ---  SEEGRAVES, Jeff'n ---  ---  Co. K, 8th Ill. Inf. No stone found, information from previous cemetery reading. 
---  ---  SELLMAN, John N. ---  20 Jul 1872  Aged 18Y 6M 24D. No stone found, name from previous cemetery reading. 
SHELTON, Wineford ---  25 Aug 1854  Age 66Y 2M 21D. Wife of J. C. Native of Virginia. Tombstone by Kent A. Fuller - St. Louis. Only stone in row 5.* 
SHEPHARD, Spencer, M. D. ---  14 Feb 1859  44Y 5M 30D. In GOODING plot. Footstone S. S. 
---  ---  SHORT, John W. ---  15 Mar 1876  Age 8Y 2M 24D. No stone found, information from earlier cemetery reading* 
SHORT, Nancy E. 15 Jul 1830  20 Aug 1865  In Memory of. Wife of J. W. Farewell dear husband, I must go, And leave you in this world of woe. A few more days and years at most, Till we shall meet at Canaan's coast. Also has footstone 
17  SMITH, Alcana C. 29 Jun 1837  22 Jul 1849   
18  SMITH, Wm. P. 15 May 1839  23 Jul 1849   
12  STINE, Joseph B. 10 May 1813  2 Jul 1852  Of Memphis, Tenn. Born in Harrisburg. Died of Cholera. None knew thee but to love thee, None named thee but to praise. Stone broken in two pieces. * 
SUTTON, Hannah 30 Sep 1797  17 Oct 1882  Wife of Robert. Mother. Maiden name STOCKDALE. Born near Kendall, Westmoreland County, England. S/w Robert. 
SUTTON, Robert 17 Dec 1797  3 Sep 1872  Born at Houghton, Parish of Stanwix, Coumberland County England. Father. S/w Hannah. 
11  TWISS, Abigail R. 5 Oct 1817  18 Jan 1878  Age 60Y 3M 13D. Wife of W. H. Born in Xenia, Ohio. Died at Aviston, IL. Dearest Mother thou hast left us, And thy loss we deeply feel. But tis God who hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal. 
---  ---  TWISS, Clara Abigail ---  21 Aug 1896  No stone found, see Death certificate #1527, 6M 6D. 
10  TWISS, Columbus H. 25 Sep 1840  2 May 1907  In Memory of. A precious one from us is gone, A voice we love is stilled. A place is vacant in our home, That never can be filled. 
13  TWISS, Edward B. 4 Mar 1869  24 Dec 1870  Son of C. H. & L. Oh, we dear parents are weeping for you, O'er the spot where you are sleeping. Sleeping _______ short, And ____ ____ ____. Stone is loose and leaning on Wm. H.'s stone. * 
TWISS, Elizabeth 1844  1917  Mother 
TWISS, Lanoria 10 Sep 1856  6 Feb 1857  Dau of W. N. & L. 
12  TWISS, Wm. J. 8 Mar 1812  15 Nov 1855  Age 43Y 8M 7D. Born in Westmoreland, N. H. Footstone W.H.T. 
Unknown 1864  1867  Stone broken and worn* 
Unknown ---  24 Feb 1854  Stone broken and worn* 
WATKINS, Beverley 2 Mar 1788  24 Feb 1851  Stone is broken* 
WATKINS, Katy 23 May 1782  21 Dec 1853  Stone broken* 
13  WHITTAKER, Clara A. 27 Mar 1884  17 Dec 1886  Age 2Y 8M 20D. Child of C. & E. A. Gone but not forgotten. S/w Edna L. Stonemason-J. Kuntz Belleville, IL. See Death record # 1534. * 
12  WHITTAKER, Edna L(ucinda*) 9 Mar 1883  25 Sep 1883  Age 6M 6D. Child of C. & E. A. S/w Clara A. See Death record # 1525. 
WOOD, Andrew J. 20 Aug 1864  11 Sep 1865  Son of W.D. & N. C. For such is the kingdom of Heaven. 
WOOD, Charles L. 3 Jan 1863  10 Oct 1863  Child of Wm.D. & N.C. S/w George W. 
10  WOOD, Francis M. 14 Jun 1855  20 May 1856  Son of W.D. & N. C. Inscription: "Infant son lies on the south side." 
---  ---  WOOD, Geo. W. ---  7 Mar 1888  2M. No stone found, see Death certificate #1528. 
WOOD, George W. 1 Sep 1861  16 Oct 1863  Child of Wm.D. & N. C. S/w Charles L. 
---  ---  WOOD, Revelle Lear ---  30 Jan 1889  1M 4D. No stone found, see Death certificate # 1530. 
15  WOOLEY, P. B. 25 Nov 1828  24 Oct 1878  Farewell. Stone broken and alone at back of cemetery. Footstone.* 

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