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Read by Lucy (Toedte) Buchele
Photos by Brenda Knipping
As of November 2008

To get to this grave yard, take Route 161 on your way to Centralia. After you cross the Crooked Creek Bridge, make a right turn on Noltings Road 2770E and follow the winding road around. Turn right at 2760E Noltings Road and then back left at 2740E 4th and Noltings Road. The next east and west road is 10th street. Turn right and follow to 2570E Selle Road. Turn left on Selle Road, go about one-half mile. Turn right down a rock road by a mailbox that says 6500. There will be a farm field on the right, go down that until you get to the timber. The small cemetery is in the farm field a couple of blocks from the farm road and is surrounded by a fence.

Name Maiden Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
Carter, Cynthia ---  30 Jan 1799  1 Apr 1875  Shares stone with Joseph W. Carter 
Carter, Joseph W ---  1 Dec 1792  21 Oct 1865  Shares stone with Cynthia Carter. Dearest Parents Thou hast left us; We thy loss most deeply feel; But it is God that has bereft us; He can all our sorrows heal. 
Chambers, Clarence E ---  5 Mar 1890  8 Mar 1890  Son of Walter and Bertha Chambers 
Chambers, Cynthia E ---  ---  22 Jun 1879  Daughter of John J. and Sarah J. Chambers 
Chambers, George W ---  ---  17 Jul 1860  Son of J. J. and S. J. Chambers. Aged 1m 11d 
Chambers, John J ---  ---  6 Jul 1860  Son of J. J. and S. J. Chambers. Aged 5m 
Chambers, John J ---  29 Jan 1827  25 Aug 1886  --- 
Chambers, Raymond R ---  10 Aug 1903  18 Apr 1904  Son of Walter and Bertha Chambers 
Chambers, Sarah J Carter  18 Oct 1827  2 Jan 1897  Mother 
Chambers, Walter L ---  10 Sep 1895  28 Oct 1901  Son of Walter and Bertha Chambers 

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