GHS Government Military Head Stone for the Illinois Veterans' Commission use. These stones may actually be in a footstone or side stone position.
PHS Private Military Head Stone. This information differentiates the government head stone from the privately purchased head stone.
S/w The deceased "shares the stone with"
* The stone is engraved in German and we translated it into English.
** There is no stone, we got the name from the plat map as the owner of the lots.
+ We added information from the St. Mary's Church burial records and translated the given names from Latin. A + after the person's name means the whole line came from the church records.
# We added information from the Carlyle Cemetery Association's burial records.
Living The stone has no death date engraved in it and the birth date is after 1903.  We have withheld their given name and, if it is there, their maiden name.
Married The marriage date has been removed for that couple that has one spouse still living.
Has Children We have withheld the names of the children that are listed on the stone of a Living person.
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