The following map portrays the relationship of the two cemeteries. We retained the section designations that the Clinton County Historical Society (CCHS) used in their initial readings and then added a few more for the additional sections. The sequence for the alphabetical designations for the different sections is in the sequence of snaking around the cemeteries. We marked the starting points for our numbering of rows and graves in each section with black solid circles on the map.

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Scroll down for a brief description of the individual sections.

In an effort to help you find possible other relatives or friends/neighbors of your ancestors (due to the practice of people who lived together burying together) we have created plat maps of most of the sections. Maps are available for the sections indicated below.

Section AA
Section A
Sections B & C - no maps
(St Mary)
Section D
(St Mary)
Section E
(City & St Mary)
Section F
Section G
(St Mary)
Section H
Section I
(St Mary)
Section J
(St Mary)
Section K
(St Mary)
Section L - no map
(City & St Mary)
Section M
Section N
Section O
Section P
(Moved Cemeteries)
Sections U, Y, Z & Other - no maps
(St Mary, Other Cemeteries, City, Other)

Section Descriptions

Section AA - (City) Probably the very oldest part of the City Cemetery. This section now has only 15 scattered worn stones, a couple won’t make it too many more years. Everyone we talked to assumes that this section is completely filled, and that the wooden and shale crosses have disintegrated. Carlyle was founded in 1818 but there are only a couple of stones in the two whole cemeteries that date back to the 1830’s, 1840’s and 1850’s, so it’s possible this Section is indeed filled. The sexton's house was on this section and now only a block sexton's shed remains. It sounds logical that this is the same spot where the earlier sexton’s shed was that burned with all of the city cemetery records. We received an estimate of where the house stood and just made the plat for an estimated number of graves to give a feel for how many people might be buried here. We based it on the same number of rows as are in Section F across Main Road, so this is all conjecture. There is a small natural drainage ravine that divides Section AA from A.

Section A - (City) The third oldest portion of the City Cemetery. No plat records exist on this portion either, so we built our own. Again it is certainly not perfect. The rows curve and wave and are a challenge to decide which stones are in which row. Some stones are very worn and difficult to read, of course. Some older funeral home ledgers do exist and they provide a real opportunity to try to piece together this puzzle, but at least we have names of the buried.

Section B - (St. Mary) No burials at this time.

Section C - (St. Mary) No burials at this time.

Section D - (St. Mary) Active section, burials still being made.

Section E  - (City & St. Mary) Section is shared diagonally with St. Mary Cemetery. A partial plat map of the city section was made available to us. This section has some old stones and wavy rows but for the most part, the stones are all readable.

Section F - (City) The second oldest section for City burials, it faces Lake Road. Stones are primarily in English. Earlier cemetery records for this section were also burned so that information is lost. We were very fortunate to find the plat map for this section which shows all the lot numbers. The funeral home’s ledger books had many names of people buried here without stones. This is another example of where wooden crosses and shale markers were probably used to mark graves.

Section G - (St. Mary) The oldest Catholic graves. The rows are in straight lines and the stones are in typical condition for old cemeteries. Many of the stones are in German.

Section H - (City) The area within the Circle Drive. The grave numbers are counted as though there is no contour of the circle road.

Section I - (St. Mary) Second oldest of the St. Mary Sections. Some stones are in German.

Section J - (St. Mary) Active section, burials still being made here.

Section K - (St. Mary) Newest section at this time, burials still being made here.

Section L - (City & St. Mary) Four burials are made here. No plat was created for these four.

Section M - (City) Some, not all, earlier African-American burials were made here. The northern portion has now been platted for current burials.

Section N - (City) East of Lake Road. Active section, burials still being made.  The flag pole and the Veterans’ Memorial are in this Section.

Section O - (City) East of Lake Road. Newest City Cemetery section, burials still being made.

Section P - (Moved Cemeteries) East of Lake Road. All are graves that were either moved to Carlyle during the construction phase of Carlyle Lake in the 1960’s or people that had previously owned lots in the moved cemetery but died after the move.

Section U - (St. Mary) These are the people that the Death Registers and the Church records say have been buried in St. Mary’s, but the exact location of the burial is Unknown. Some of the locations could be assumed to be in the lot with some one with the same surname, but that will be up to the researcher to make that decision. Naturally no plat could be made.

Section Y - These are people that are buried in cemeteries other than the Carlyle cemeteries. These names came from those stones transferred during the construction of Carlyle Lake and from the City Association ledger sheets.

Section Z - (city) The people that the death registers say are buried in Carlyle but no match has appeared in other records – so these are the Unknowns for the City Cemetery. It is possible that a couple of these could be in St. Mary’s. More will probably appear here when more death registers and other church records are transcribed.

Section Other - These are the people that are buried in cemeteries other than in St. Mary’s or in Carlyle City but were included in the St. Mary’s burial records and the Corps of Engineers’ records. We chose to include these here since we didn’t want to lose the data.

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