Section E Plat Map

Combined Portion of St. Mary's & Carlyle City Cemetery

Carlyle, Illinois


As of 31 Dec 2002

Copyrighted by Carol Ryan-Spenader, Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk


This Section is divided diagonally between St. Mary's and Carlyle City Cemeteries. We never found anyone that could tell us why there was such an unusual division. One older plat map suggests that there was a road here for the wagons to go up the hill to reach the original Section G and the far end of Section F. It was probably the western boundary of the cemeteries at that point. Now it is grassy, no signs exist to show the separation between cemeteries, some graves have now been made close to the diagonal grassy walkway that replaced the roadway.


 ** means the name came from a plat map, there is no stone.

The red numbers/names are lot numbers.


    Graves - This side faces West, Shed Road and Section D                                                                                                                                
  E 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70   This side faces North, Center Road/Circle Drive and Sections H & I.
                 Rows - This side faces South, Main Road and Section A. St Mary's Cemetery 20 Sanders Sanders               Krebs Krebs   Rausch Rausch Rausch Rausch         Meyer Meyer Meyer   Krebs Krebs     Michel Michel             Reed Spangler Spangler   Schoendienst Schoendienst       Lampen Lampen Lampen Sautman     Sautman Kellermann     Kellermann                                                    St. Mary  Cemetery
19                       Krebs         Eller Eller Eller         Meyer Krebs Krebs Krebs             Bruemmer Bruemmer   Reed Reed           Schoendienst         Sautman Sautman Sautman Sautman Huelsmann     Huelsmann   Horner Horner Horner Schneider Schneider Schneider              
18         Heinzmann Heinzmann Heinzmann Heinzmann O'Brien O'Brien O'Brien   Loddick Loddick   Loddick Robben Niehoff Niehoff Niehoff Cizek Cizek Cizek Cizek Gehrs Gehrs Gehrs Gehrs Hanley Hanley Wimberly - 2 Peters Rohr Geoffray Geoffray Geoffray   Wilken     Hinnen Hinnen Hollenkamp Hollenkamp Marcham Marcham   Marcham     Nicolay Nicolay Kolmar Kolmar Kolmer Kolmer Vieregge Vieregge   Vieregge Langhauser Langhauser                
17 Scofield Scofield Treffert Treffert - 2         Beard Beard Erlinger Erlinger   Loddick Loddick         Niehoff Cizek Cizek Cizek Cizek       Gehrs Peters Peters Peters Peters Fauke Fauke                 Hollenkamp Hollenkamp                         Hitpas Hitpas     Pfiefer Pfiefer - 2 Riefstahl Riefstahl            
    walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway              
16                     Rakers Rakers   Geiger Geiger   Geiger     Geiger   Reiss     Wichmann Wichmann Wichmann   Hilmes Hilmes Hilmes Hilmes   Reichert Reichert   Schroeder Schroeder Huene Huene Luepke Luepke Zieren Luepke Spaeth     Spaeth Crause Crause Crause   Hallermann   Dennerlein Dennerlein Revermann Revermann   Revermann Huels Huels Huels Huels            
15                         Kueper Kueper Kueper Kueper Geiger Geiger Geiger Geiger         Shain     Schroeder Schmidt Schmidt Schmidt   Reichert       Zinschlag Zinschlag             Spaeth     Spaeth   Crause Crause   Rohr Hallerman Hallermann Hallermann   Revermann Revermann Revermann Huels   Huels Huels            
                  Carlyle City Cemetery 14   Yunker       Krech Krech Krech           Frerker Frerker   Greneatsos Kufer       Moran/Kufer Moran Unknown Diffenauer Diffenauer Diffenauer Diffenauer Roeckenhaus Roeckenhaus Roeckenhaus Roeckenhaus McNeill McNeill McNeill           Deters   Deters   Zieren McGowan Hahn Hahn         Hilmes Hilmes Hilmes Hilmes Schiermann Schiermann Schiermann Eckelmann   Schneider Schneider              
13                       --         --   Edwards Edwards Blaylock         --   Diffenauer Showers   -- Diffenauer Roeckenhaus Roeckenhaus Roeckenhaus Roeckenhaus           Murphy Murphy     Deters Deters Deters Zieren Zieren Zieren Zieren Albers   Albers Albers Hanon Hilmes           Eckelmann Schneider Schneider Wetzel              
    walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway     walkway              
12                                                                   Russell Frost Russell Tewell Tewell Hazlet   Ohlmeier Grady Grady Ohlmeier Dierkes Dierkes     Krebs Krebs   Krebs Jacobs Cortelloni Jones Jones   Newkirk Newkirk   Timmermann Timmermann Houseman Houseman            
11     Yunker Yunker 159       441       442 Cameron Cameron Cameron ? 443 Boatright - 2 Boatright Boatright Prasuhn 444                                 Hodapp Hodapp     Grady Grady Northaus   Vogel Vogel Peters   Voss Voss   Voss Jacobs Jacobs Sprehe   Stokes Stokes Danehy Frerker Stein Stein Houseman Houseman            
10     Shaw McClaren     Janning Janning Beckemeyer Beckemeyer Beckemeyer DeFaye DeFaye       Boatright  Boatright         Helms                                           Cummings Stevenson Stevenson Stevenson       Conway Grimes Grimes Grimes Houck      Mueller Mueller Gehrs Gehrs Gehrs Gehrs Nothaus Nothaus Farrell Farrell    
9 Grine Shaw   Newton 168 Jackson Jackson   153 Pabst     Beckemeyer 207     Walters 206 Calvert Unknown Kohlhauff Kohlhauff 135 Helm     134     Belch Belch      201   Essington Essington 184   Gray? Gray Leet    139 Berry Berry West Berry - 2   Gray Gray                                   Hodapp Hodapp     Bauer Bauer Goldsmith Goldsmith    
8       Lamb Jannett Jannett Jannett Koehler         Bierbower Bennett Bierbower   Hattershire Hattershire   Hattershire Burnett Allen Allen Allen    Rountree Rountree   Guthrie     Reynolds - 2   Norris Norris Norris   Kleber Kleber Kleber Robert Robert Robert   Shoupe Shoupe Shoupe  Moore Lietze Lietze Pepperkorn Lietze Sadler Sadler     Stein Stein     Wuebbles Wuebbles Hodapp Hodapp            
7 Ford Ford Ford Ford  163 Janett Kalkbrenner   Jannett     150   Lutz   208 Bond     Bond  205 Hattershire Hattershire Hattershire 136   Burnett Daum Frey  133       183 Parker Parker   183 Reynolds Reynolds   Jones       174       173 Killion - 2 Walker-4 Walker Walker 164 Shoupe Shoupe Shoupe  Shoupe 163       Lietze 154 Sadler Sadler/Pepperkorn Norcross Norcross  437     Goff 434       435       440    
6     Thomas Thomas   Cole           Sloan Johnpeter Johnpeter Johnpeter   Sharp Sharp   Sharp O'Harnett O'Harnett Huggins     Ebley Ebley   Steinmann Steinmann   Leitwein Love Love Keiser Brand/Pallister               Unknown Ackmann     Ackmann         Buehler Buehler Buehler     Kragenbring/Jones Kragenbring   Vogel/Rolfingsmeyer Vogel Vogel/Simmons Vogel Vogel Vogel Vogel Vogel   Brown City Cemetery
5       178 Butler Butler   Butler       143   Sloan Sloan 209 Johnpeter Johnpeter Johnpeter 204 Sharp     137 Shade Shade Shade Shade  132 Creimeyer Creimeyer Creimeyer Creimeyer 182   Jasper Jasper 182 Bethge Bethge/Hufford Krech Bethge     175   Harding Harding Harding 172   Heitmeier   165 Ackmann Ackmann Ackmann Medearis  162       155 Buehler Buehler Buehler Buehler  153 Jones Jones   146       145 Olson Olson   138   ?
4 Alsop Alsop Alsop   Houseman         Gray   210       Stovall Randall Randall Randall  - 2 Randall - 2   Dietrich         Morgan  Morgan Mahlandt Mahlandt       Boots       Schuchmann Schuchmann         Heitmeier Roberts Roberts Roberts Rohling       Bub   Brown Brown     Parker     Biles Biles           Beutler Kesner  
3 Houseman Outhouse Outhouse 173 Houseman Houseman Houseman Houseman 142 Gray Gray Gray 210 Frey Frey   Abbott  203       138       131       181   Mahlandt Hartman Hartman        181 Boots Boots   176 Jacob   Jacob Jacob  171 Heitmeier Heitmeier Heitmeier 166 Roberts Roberts   Roberts 161       156       152 Potts Potts   147       144       Steward 135   ?
2 Outhouse Outhouse   Outhouse             Jackson Jackson         Johnston     Johnston Johnston Johnston   Johnston M           Clabaugh Clabaugh Clabaugh Clabaugh Young Young White-2 Parkinson                 Tuttle Tuttle       Newkirk Newkirk Nichols Boles Boles                     Davis Dougherty Dougherty Dougherty   Beckemeyer
1 Unknown     188   McClellan McClellan Roper       141 Jackson Jackson Jackson - 2 Jackson  211       202 Johnston Johnston Johnston Carter -2 139 Johnston / Taylor Johnston - 2 Johnston Johnston 130 Heidorn  Heidorn Heidorn Heidorn     180 Beckemeyer Beckemeyer   Beckemeyer 180       177       170       167     Broughton Broughton 160 Newkirk   Newkirk Newkirk 157 Boles Boles Boles Boles   151       148 Patheal Fisher Fisher Fisher  143   Rowlands  Rowlands 140   ?
    This side faces East, East Road and Section F.                                                                                                                          




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