Section J Plat Map

St. Mary's Cemetery

Carlyle, Illinois

As of 31 Dec 2002

Copyrighted by Carol Ryan-Spenader, Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk


This section is active, burials are still being made here.  Only the information from the tombstones is included here, not the current owners from the plat maps. 


** means the name came from a plat map, there is no stone.

The red numbers/names are lot numbers.


  Graves - This side faces West, Cross Road and Section K          
J     1     2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40    
  Rows -  This side faces South, Center Road & Section D 18                             Roadway Easement                             Roadway Easement Mueller Mueller Lore Lore Kuhl Kuhl Hoh Hoh Kampwerth Kampwerth Farrell Farrell Farrell Voss Voss Vahlkamp Vahlkamp Vahlkamp Fischer Fischer Kapp Kapp   Erlinger Erlinger Erlinger   Curry Mueller Mueller King King               This side faces North,  North Road and an open field
17 Diekemper Diekamper 79B Grasher  Grasher   80B Klutho Klutho Hoffman Hoffman 81B Diffenauer Diffenauer Diffenauer 82B Diffenauer Diffenauer Diekemper Diekemper 83B Gratiaa Gratiaa   84B     Menkhaus 85B Robben Robben         86B     Kary 87B       88B
16     Dunnill Dunnill             Diffenauer Diffenauer Ortmann Ortmann Mitchell Mitchell   Worth Hempen Hempen         Nothaus Nothaus     Fehlker Fehlker     Pollmann          
15 Wesselmann Wesselmann 78B       77B   Stein Stein 76B Hollenkamp Hollenkamp   75B Reynolds     74B Fischer Fischer Fischer 73B       72B       71B Kampwerth Kampwerth Kampwerth Seifert  70B Bruens     69B
14 Compare / Bach Bach       Grapperhaus   Nothaus Nothaus Nothaus     Hughes     Seiffert Seiffert Seiffert     Kamler Kamler     Turner       Henkel     Kellermann Kellermann Kellermann Korte Korte Elling Elling
13 Thouvenin Thouvenin   -   Vahlkamp Vahlkamp Vahlkamp 60B     Taphorn Taphorn 61B     Hughes Hughes  62B   Wuebbles Wuebbels Wuebbels 63B   Tappin Tappin Tappin 64B     Schwierjohn Schwierjohn 65B   Hoppe   Hoppe 66B       Jansen  67B Hempen Hempen Roberg Roberg    68B
12 Johnson Johnson Dalhaus Dalhaus Dalhaus Dalhaus Krebs Krebs        Hustedde Hustedde Hustedde                 Etter Etter Keith Mann Schlarman Schlarman Schlarman           Monken Monken Head Head
11 Altadonna Altadonna    - Kiffmeyer Kiffmeyer Kiffmeyer Kiffmeyer 59B Krebs Krebs Mueller Roberg 58B       57B   Hilmes   56B Lampen Lampen Lampen Lampen 55B   Alexander   54B Henkel Henkel           53B     Brueggemann Bruggemann 52B Stokes Stokes   Stokes  51B
10     Huelsmann Huelsmann Huelsmann   Mueller Mueller Kuehn Kuehn Schuckmann Schuchmann Schuchmann Schuchman Schiermann Schiermann       Kreiger Krieger   Trame Trame   Brendel * Schneider Schneider     Krebs Krebs Kapp Kapp        
9   41B       McQuade 42B       43B Schuckmann Schuckman   44B Diekemper Diekemper Kampwerth Kampwerth 45B Hempen Hempen Hempen 46B Huene Huene Kapp Kapp  47B Hanning Hanning            48B Kapp Kapp   49B Foster Foster Foster 50B
8 Means Means Fisk Fisk       Holtkamp Holtkamp Holtkamp   Isaak Isaak Diekmann Diekmann Seiffert Sieffert Lake   Luebbers Luebbers Luebbers   Hilmes Hilmes   Schmeink Schmeink     Ward   Ward Ward Schiermann Schiermann    
7 Sundrup Sundrup    40B   Wellinghoff   39B   Nothaus Nothaus 38B   Rohde Hellmann Hellmann 37B   Shannon Shannon Shannon 36B Huels Huels   35B Kapp Kapp Kapp Kapp   34B   Joffray Joffray Joffray 33B Roeckenhaus Roeckenhaus Rausch Rausch 32B   Bruemmer Bruemmer Bruemmer 31B
6 Foster Foster Etter Etter     Niehoff Niehoff Niehoff     Leonard Leonard   Christ Christ Christ   Seiffert Seiffert     Seiffert Seiffert   Ade Washford Washford Rohr Rohr   Schaefer Schaefer   Frerker Frerker Frerker  
5 Kunkel Kunkel      21B Heyer     22B Gerber Gerber   23B       24B     Goehler Goehler 25B Schiermann Schiermann Laux Laux   26B Sautman Sautman Sautman Sautman 27B       28B Schaefer Schaefer Schaefer Unknown  29B       30B
4 Robben Robben Knuf Knuf     Gerdes Gerdes     Frerker Frerker     Montacue Montacue Montacue -2     Zachry Zachry Zachry     Sautman Sautman     Hempen Hempen Diekemper Diekemper Diekemper Diekemper Diekemper Diekemper Diekemper  
3 Donnewald Donnewald 20B Knuf Knuf Lehach Lehach 19B Donnewald Donnewald Tierney 18B       17B       16B Hodapp Hodapp Hodapp 15B Coers Coers Coers Coers   14B   Huels Huels 13B       12B Roche     Diekemper 11B
2 Simpson    Krebs  Krebs    Brown Schaffer  Schaefer      Bruemmer   Bruemmer      Newman  Newman      Duelle  Dulle      Bruemmer  Bruemmer Bruemmer  Bruemmer  Bruemmer  Bruemmer      Huene Huene     Dunnigan Dunnigan Schrader Schrader
1   1B       2B       3B       4B       5B       6B       7B       8B       9B       10B

This side faces East, Shed Road and Section I.





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