Section M - Carlyle City Cemetery

Carlyle Illinois

Current as of 31 December 2002

Copyrighted by Carol Ryan-Spenader, Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk


The first 20 graves, all eight rows, in Section M are the original African American cemetery and are in a tree-shaded area. Known original plot owners are included for those graves without visible markers. The original records for this section also burned. It is the general opinion that like Sections A, F & G, that most spaces are occupied, and that there were wooden markers that have since deteriorated.

This is a combination of the Frerker, Zieren-Day and City Association versions of the plat maps, plus the reading of the stones. As with the other older sections, the stones are not in perfect rows. We have included only the information from the tomb stones themselves for the newer section, which begins at grave 21, and opened in July 1984.

The Cemetery Record listed another eleven people as being buried in this Section but it does say which grave they are in. Those people are: Boland, Harrington, 4 Killion, Mitchell, Morrison, and 3 Young. Additional family members might be identified in our Section Z, people with no hints where they were buried within the entire cemetery.


A # number sign means the information came from one of the plat maps or the Cemetery Record. There is no visible readable marker there.

The red numbers in the lower right grave of each lot are the lot numbers.


This side of this section of the cemetery faces West and trees.                                                    
South - trees & shrubbery M 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32  
8 Mitchel # Daughtery # Woodruff # Morrison # Jackson  Jackson Morrison Woodruff Anderson # Williams - 2 Glass  Turner  Killion  Anderson  Anderson George # Mayhew #                               This side faces north and open grave area.
7 Guyler # Guyler # Guyler # Jackson # 32w Mitchel # Mitchel # Young # Jones    31w Anderson # Hickman # Chatman # Wilkens # 30w Killion # Foster # Foster # Chatman # 29w Chatman # Killion # Ross - 3 #   28w     Greer 27w Emling Emling   26w Swagler Swagler   25w
6 Glass Glass Killion Killion Roberts Roberts     Glass Glass   Smith Riley Anderson Weathers Young Anderson  Anderson                            
5       1w Curtis Curtis Turner Unknown   2w Jackson Jackson Jackson # Jackson  3w Woodruff      Johnson  12w       Westermann* 13w Westermann Westermann Crisostomo Crisostomo 18w       19w       24w
4 Hacker (3) # Woodruff Woodruff Devlin   Woodruff #   Jackson # McAllister # Freeney McAllister McAllister Young Young Woodruff Young       Jargon #                        
3 Mitchel/Chatman # Mitchel # Woodruff Morisson # 6w Woodruff Killion Woodruff McCain    5w   Jackson #    4w Anderson # Anderson Anderson Anderson 11w       14w Hediger Hediger Heil  Heil      17w Meyer  Meyer    20w       23w
2 Turner  Killion Mitchell Mitchell       McDudney #         George George Mitchell Mitchell Blackwell #   Williams   Williams #                      
1 Mitchel  #   Ewing Mitchel  7w       McAllister # 8w Killion  Killion Killion - 2 Killion  9w   George George George  10w Blackwell  Blackwell Killion
Woodruff 15w
      16w       21w       22w
This side of the cemetery faces East and Lake Road.                                                    




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