Section P - Carlyle City Cemetery

Carlyle Illinois

Current as of 31 December 2002

Copyrighted by Carol Ryan-Spenader, Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk


This section in the newer part of Carlyle City Cemetery on the east side of Lake Road and contains the graves or grave spaces of those bodies which were displaced when Carlyle Lake was created in the early 1960s. Over 14 cemeteries were in some way affected by the damming of the Kaskaskia River. Of those cemeteries, 5 had to be moved completely - the majority of these people were reburied here. The five cemeteries were Nichols Cemetery in Clement Twp, one of the Noe Grave Yards in Irishtown Twp., the Allen Grave Yard in Irishtown Twp., the Heinzmann Grave Yard in Clement Twp., and the Foster Burial Site in Clement Twp. Most of these relocated bodies are from the Nichols Cemetery. Some of the relatives chose to have their ancestors' bodies from those cemeteries moved to other cemeteries, we included that information in our "Section Y - Other" since we didn't want to lose track of their movement.

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers was responsible for this huge relocation task and they took every precaution to insure that every grave was relocated before the area was flooded. In this endeavor, they took core samples of the earth in these cemeteries in any area where the ground content indicated there could have been a grave. A portion of that earth was removed to the Carlyle Cemetery and an unknown number was assigned to it. This was done for each cemetery so there are multiple unknowns with the same number. The far eastern portion of this Section P, across the back road, contains another more than 220 "Unknowns" with flat uniform markers and is not included in this plat.


  Graves - This side is West and faces Cemetery Road C and Section N.        
   P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48
1     North North Strube Roffmann Roffmann Haase Dieckman Dieckman Dieckman   Roffmann Roffmann Roffmann   Roffmann Roffmann Roffmann Roffmann Wilcox Wilcox Wilcox Wilcox Nichols Nichols Nichols Unk 84 Nichols Nichols Nichols Wakefield Wiedle Wiedle Wiedle Wiedle Wilcox Wilcox Wilcox Wilcox Allen Allen Allen Allen Skidmore Skidmore Murray Unk 7
This side is South and faces Cemetery Road D and an open field. 2     Sayles White Haase       Roffmann Roffmann               Schaubert Schaubert   Wilcox Wilcox     Nichols Johnson     Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols Whitson Whitson Wiedle Whitson Nichols Nichols     Allen Skidmore Skidmore Unk 9 Unk 14 Unk 15     This side is North and faces Cemetery Road D and a wooded area.
3     Roper White White  White Curdt White White Laws Laws Weber Weber Leicht Weber Weber Weber Nolte Nolte Krone Moeller Krone Wessel Pass Pass Dieckman   Johnson Johnson Lanham Johnson Brooks Brooks Johnson   Johnson Brumble Johnson Johnson Allen Unk 266 Unk 267  
4     Unk 244 White White White Rosenbaum Roper Farmer Farmer Roper Weber Weber Weber Weber Gillett Gillett Gillett   Krone Krone     Dohn Dohn     Johnson Johnson     Kiffmeyer Kiffmeyer Carey Carey Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Unk 268      
5       Bousman Wedekemper Wedekemper Wedekemper Wedekemper Wedekemper Wedekemper Holland Holland Kurth Kurth Kurth   Nettles Nettles Nettles Nettles Curdt Curdt   Curdt Curdt Curdt Curdt Curdt Ebig Ebig Merkle Merkle Quick Quick Quick Quick Rosenbaum Rosenbaum Rosenbaum    
6         Wedekemper Wedekemper Wedekemper   Swagler Swagler     Kurth Kurth Goodwin Goodwin         Curdt Curdt Curdt Curdt           Ebig Ebig Winters Hartmann Hartmann Hartmann Hartmann   Wilson      
7       Conrad Conrad Conrad Conrad Conrad Conrad Conrad   Nave Nave Edwards Edwards Heinrich Heinrich Heinrich   Heinrich Heinrich Heinrich Heinrich Koch Koch Koch Koch Unk 258 Unk 259 Unk 260 Unk 152 Fairchild Fairchild Golden    
8       Mutschler Conrad     Conrad Conrad         Aikeley Aikeley Arnold Arnold Heinrich Heinrich Scheppel Scheppel Scheppel   Koch Koch Jones Jones Godfrey Outhouse Castine Unk 261   Heinzmann    
9         Cole Cole Cole Rodgers Rodgers Rodgers Rodgers Haase Haase Hempelmann Hempelmann Davidson Davidson Davidson Davidson 2 Edel Edel Edel Kruse French French French French   Steele Steele Steele  
10         Cole Cole Cole Coon Coon     Speiser VanDyke         Gambill Gambill Collins Collins Kramer Kramer Allen Allen Allen Allen Andrews Andrews    
11           Unk 269 Unk 270 Ladieu Ladieu Ladieu Ladieu Shaw Shaw Shaw Shaw-2 Unk 274 Unk 275 Unk 276 Unk 277 Unk 282 Unk 283 Unk 284 Unk 285 Unk 252 Unk 253 Unk 254 Unk 262  
12           Unk 271 Unk 272 Ladieu Ladieu Ladieu Ladieu   Constant     Unk 278 Unk 279 Unk 280 Unk 281 Unk 286 Unk 287 Unk 288 Unk 289 Unk 263 Unk 264 Ritchey Unk 265
13             Heinrich Unk 313 Unk 314 Unk 315 Unk 316 Unk 305 Unk 306 Unk 307 Unk 308 Unk 297 Unk 298 Unk 299 Unk 300 Unk 290 Unk 291 Unk 292 Unk 293 Unk 536      
14         Unk 317 Unk 318 Unk 319 Unk 320 Unk 309 Unk 310 Unk 311 Unk 312 Unk 301 Unk 302 Unk 303 Unk 304 Unk 294 Unk 295 Unk 296            
15                 Gade Fish Smith Unk 4 Unk 5 Unk 6 Unk 7 Unk 8 Unk 1 Unk 2 Unk 3 Unk 4 Unk 273                   CEMETERY ROAD D                              
16               Unk 9 Unk 10 Unk 11 Unk 12 Unk 13 Unk 14 Unk 15 Unk 536 Unk 537 Unk 1 Unk 2          
            CEMETERY ROAD D             Foster Burial Site                                                                  
                    CEMETERY ROAD D         CEMETERY ROAD D                                                            


This next part of Section P contains more than 220 Unknowns from several cemeteries and each is marked with a flat uniform marker.




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