Carlyle City Cemetery and St Mary's Catholic Cemetery are the two largest cemeteries in Clinton County. It took several months to complete the reading of the tombstones. The readings were completed as of 31 Dec 2002. It took many more months to get all the data entered into computers and then organized and proofed.

Foremost, we sincerely appreciate and thank the Clinton County Historical Society (CCHS) for their initial readings of these cemeteries years ago. A few of the stones that they read are no longer here so that information would have been lost forever without their earlier reading.

We can not thank Tina Weigman and Father George Mauck at St. Mary's Church enough for giving us a copy of their computerized burial database from about 1858 through 2002. We were able to pick up about 1,050 new names with no stones or death certificates which would have otherwise never have been identified. We also supplemented stone data for about 2,150 other names with such treasures as maiden names and parent's names including mother's maiden names. We now have almost 4,200 names in this cemetery.

Equally we thank Bonnie Kohrmann of the Carlyle Cemetery Association for giving us a copy of their burial records from 1927 through 2002. Unfortunately the records prior to 1927 burned in a shed fire.

We thank Tom Frerker of the Frerker's Funeral Home, John Zieren and Andy Zieren of the Zieren-Day Funeral Home, and Joe Smothers of the Corps of Engineers for assistance in creating or verifying the plats we made, adding names of owners of those lots where no stones exist and in giving us copies of their old burial ledgers. Everyone gave us much history and support and great attitude.

The stones were read by a great group of volunteers. They are: Pam Safriet, Susan Spenader, John Spenader, Helen Spenader, Carol Ryan-Spenader, Gloria Dettleff, Martin Falk and Dorothy Falk.

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