Read by Kelly Isaak, Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk on 31 Oct 2003

One way to reach the McAllister Cemetery is to go south out of Carlyle on Rte. 127. Turn east (left) on Vogel Road. About a half mile down, when the road turns south at the two long buildings (chicken hatchery), go forward on the dirt road. You can drive past the brown building (hunt club, no trespassing) on the farm road until you come to the culvert. The cemetery is about a mile toward the north, slightly to the left - about at 11:00 on a clock. You have to walk through a farmer's field. Courtesy says you should contact the farmer before you go to the cemetery.

This cemetery is on a slight knoll in an overgrown, wooded area in the middle of a farmer's field. It might be an acre in size and our dowsing rods confirmed that there are many unmarked graves there, primarily on the east side of the area, probably including MCALLISTERS. There are day lillies on the west side, often an indicator of graves, we didn't check that area with the dowsing rods. A better time to visit the cemetery might be after the leaves of the thick underbrush have fallen for the winter. There are many signs of animal inhabitants.

We also found a few more names in the newspapers and in the death records of people buried in this cemetery. More names might surface when the death records are proofed and as the old microfilmed newspapers are read.

The history of this cemetery is in Clinton County Historical Society Quarterly 23 - # 4. Perhaps this cemetery was associated with the Hopewell Baptist Church.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
BASS, William 26 Feb 1813  4 Jan 1880  And footstone W. B.  Death Certificate # 442 says he died on the 2nd. 
BROWN, Lucinda S.   13 Mar 1883  Death certificate # 1325.  Age 17Y 1M 9D - typhoid fever. 
BUSCH, Goddard 7 Jan 1874  28 Jan 1916  Gone but not forgotten.  Footstone G B is to the head of Goddard, so could be for a different person. 
MILLER, Hattie R.   8 May 1881  Death record Book 1, Page 72, # 919.  6 years old. 
MITCHEL, Sarah Ann   28 Oct 1923  Newspaper and death certificate. 
ROBERTS, John McAllister   24 Jan 1882  In Memory of.  Aged 73Y. Moderator of the Mt. Olive Baptist Association.  Footstone J M A R 
Unknown     18" x 24" slate marker about 3 graves to the north of Goddard Busch. 
Unknown     12" x 12" slate slab, slightly buried to the east of the other slab. 
Unknown     Tombstone either unengraved or worn smooth. If it was engraved, it might have said Catherine. If it wasn't engraved, the dowsing rods say it was a female. 
WOODRUFF, William   18 Dec 1919  Newspaper and death certificate. 

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