Submitted by Dorothy Falk, 8 Sep 2008

This cemetery was originally a farm family cemetery used by members of the Daniel Meyers/Myers Family. It was in a field north of U. S. Highway 50 but all evidence of the cemetery was destroyed by a new landowner around 1973. Daniel originally bought the land in 1842 and registered the cemetery at the court house.

Daniel is shown in the 1860 census, 50 years old, born in Virginia (we are assuming this is the same Daniel). His wife was Eliza, age 46, born in Kentucky. They had 3 children at home. Based on the span in their ages, there could have been 3 or 4 children who had died. Those children, plus the first owners, might have been buried in this cemetery. Daniel sold his land to another son, John, before he died.

The history and exact location of the Meyers Family Cemetery was published in Clinton County Historical Society Quarterly #19-1.

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