Read and copyrighted© by Kelly A. Isaak and George and Mary Shackelton, 25 & 26 May 2003

This cemetery is located in the woods on the top of a hill with a beautiful view. Unfortunately, most of the stones were below ground level and very difficult to find. In fact, we used the technique of dowsing for graves to find them. This cemetery is on private property, so if you would like to visit, contact Kelly Isaak and she will make arrangements. To reach the cemetery, from Carlyle, travel 6 miles east on US Route 50. Turn right and proceed 3 miles south on Huey Rd. Turn right on Vogel Rd (on curve), then proceed 1.5 miles to a private drive.

Per Mary Shackelton, in a letter by Emma Wilton Henderson, daughter of William and his second wife, Nancy, to Emma's son Earl Henderson in about 1939, she wrote "My father ... William Wilton ... was buried in his family burying ground about 2 mi s.w. of the farm on a slight hill of which he held a deed to 1 3/4 acres of ground. Not sure who has the deed but it is recorded in Carlyle. Carrie remembers very well about it as father had to buy the wife a new dress before she would sign it." (Carrie was William's daughter by his first wife and a half sister of Emma).

For Wilton family information, please contact Mary Shackelton.

Listed in order as read from the stones
Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
W., M. ---  ---  --- 
WILTON, Sarah Alice 9 Nov 1854  15 Sep 1856  d/o W. & P. WILTON, Fragrance and flowers And dews must be The only emblems Meet for thee, stone by J. F. PEELING 
WILTON, John Felix 15 May 1840  26 Oct 1847  s/o W. & P. WILTON, Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of heaven, stone by J. E. PEELING 
WILTON, David Thomas 8 Mar 1847  11 Mar 1847  s/o W. & P. WILTON, Sleep on sweet baby And take thy rest Til God shall bid thee rise And then on seraph wings ascend An Angel to the skies, stone by J. F. PEELING 
WILTON, John Dorras 6 Dec 1850  20 Mar 1866  In Memory Of, Beneath this stone my son doth lie The object of my love I hope when I'm called to die To meet with him above 
WILTON, Mary Sn. A.D. 1787  6 Dec 1852  Three score years have past A Mother is no more I hope with her to meet again On Canaan peaceful shore 
WILTON, Sophia ---  6 Aug 1875  broken stone, aged 84 years, Be though faithful unto death And I will give thee a crown of life 
WILTON, Patsey 7 Jun A. D. 1820  30 Jun 1859  broken stone, Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God 
WILTON, William 17 Jun 1814  19 Nov 1876  The morning flowers display their shoots And gay their silken leaves unfold As careless as the noontide heats As fearless of the evening cold 
unmarked ---  ---  2 rows of brick in about a 3 by 6 foot area 
WILTON, Josie Cecelia ---  19 Jan 1878  No stone. Death Certificate #20 states Josie died on 19 Jan 1878 at age 2y 2m 19d from membranous croup. She was born in, lived in and died in Carlyle Twp and was buried in Clement (Twp.). 

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