Old Cemeteries Worth Visiting in

Clinton County Illinois  


In Huey go South on the Huey/Hoffmann Road.  Cross the tracks and go 1 mile, turn east on Hamel Rd.  Follow road until it turns south and then east.  The cemetery is south of the road.  It has a sign calling it the Matsler Cemetey, with a mention that it used to be called the Wakefield Cemetery

Located Northwest of Breese On the Old State Road approx. 1.5 miles west of St. Rose Rd. This site has a civil war soldier buried here. Has a wrought iron fence around his site. Was fixed up in 1976 but has since deteriorated some.  (Lake Branch Cemetery)

East of St. Rose. From Breese take the Jamestown road 6.4 miles to Gooding Ford Road, turn east. Take this road .75 miles and turn north on Lo Bridge Road about ½ mile you turn right onto Popeye road. Here the road actually curves around the markers. These markers have been piled up in the center several years ago.

On the Stolleytown Rd. 3 miles north of "new" Rt. 50. This site is a family plot. It has seven markers all are RUDOLPH'S. It is well kept and the family taking care of it should be proud. (Rudolph Cemetery)

On Rocky Ford road S.E. of Trenton. Here is where you’ll find Hugh JOHNSON'S (Rev. war) marker. The cemetery is located along the road and is not hard to find, however the trees that are growing in the cemetery have displaced several headstones. Some are broken and lying in the earth. It was somewhat overgrown with weeds and would be best visited in the fall.  (Sharon Cemetery)

In Hoffman take Hoffman Road going South towards Hoyleton. Approx. 1.4 miles. This site has some civil war veterans buried here. The neatest thing about this site is the fact that the creek used to flow just below the hill and caskets were floated down the creek and snagged as they floated by and carried to the burial site.

East of Hoffman, From the intersection of Rt. 161 and Broadway go approx. 1.25 miles. There is a road going north, this road is not marked as it is not a county road. Take this road across the railroad tracks and back to the trees and there you’ll find a gate leading into the cemetery. This cemetery has some civil war veterans buried here. The cemetery has an abundance of cactus growing wild in one part of it. Be careful of the cactus, and watch out when crossing the railroad tracks there’s no lights. 

On Rt. 161 near Centralia, about .5 miles west of Centralia, there is a wooden fence on the south side of the road. At the west end of this fence there are four markers. These four all died about the same time. Two of them died the same day, another died 2 days later and the last 10 days later. Also in the trees further in there is one more marker.  (Gilmore Cemetery)

South of New Baden you’ll find a family plot with only three headstones, some believe more than three graves are here but because of only three markers that’s all we know for sure. To get there you take Rt. 160 South out of New Baden to Daminsville Rd, turn West. There’s a farm on the north side of the road where you’ll see a house about halfway up the drive and another at the end of the drive.  Here’s where you’ll find three grave markers inside a wrought iron fence. All are HARPSTRITES.  (Harpstrite Cemetery)

At Carlyle Lake (Eldon Hazlet State Park) you’ll find several markers at the end of the hiking trail. The State placed these headstones on the ground. They are encased in concrete to hold them there.

South West of Carlyle. Take Rt 127 South. From the intersection of Rt. 50 and Rt. 127 go 1.5 miles to Slant Road and turn west onto Slant Road. Now go 2.6 miles on this road until you find Lowe Road. Turn South on Lowe Road and go 2.5 miles and turn South again on Kanel Hill Rd. as Lowe road turns several times. Go .4 miles up the road and on top of the hill there is a dirt road going thru the timber. This is the road that you must take. The cemetery is at the end of this road. Here you’ll find approx. 75 markers. Some date back to the 1800’s and one as recent as 1993. This seems to be a family plot as most headstones are MADDUX or SHARP descendents.  (Sharp Cemetery)


Compiled and written by:   John & Eileen Ratermann



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