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Also known as Reddick Cemetery, Martin Cemetery, and Panarama Cemetery

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This cemetery is southwest of Keyesport. Take Emerald Road south until you come to the Panarama subdivision on the left. Follow the road to the right as it wraps up the hill. The cemetery is about an acre with the stones dotted throughout. The township mows the grass/day lillies a couple of times a year even though they are not the owners. We recommend you walk carefully, Gloria and a 4" diameter black snake surprised each other in the northwest corner of the acre, both turned around and went their own way. There are many depressions in the ground as though wooden caskets might have collapsed. Many stones are fallen and are now flat on the ground, we didn't see all of these because of the knee-high day lillies, but previous listings show them.

The history of the cemetery is published in the Clinton County Historical Society Quarterly # 19-4.

Abbreviations used in this listing:

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
APPLE, Addie V. 6 Dec 1890  20 Jul 1905  Footstone A. V. A. Shares stone with Jennie J. 
APPLE, Jennie J. 16 Jun 1889  26 Dec 1907  Footstone J. J. A. Gone in their young years, The sorrow (?) could stain, Afar from life's cares, Its grief and its pains. 
APPLE, William 24 Oct 1841  4 Feb 1922  Father. Co. I, 30 IL Vol Inf. PHS 
ESSINGTON, Alto E. ---  ---  Death Certificate # 1578. 
FINLEY, Lenora F. ---  29 Mar 1879  Death Certificate # 318. Age 19Y 9M 20D. 
JAUCH, Louis ---  ---  Co. K, 2nd MO Inf. GHS 
MADDUX, Daisy E. ---  1 Mar 1889  Age 5Y 4M 10D. Dau of C. & M. . . . Little . . . God. Death Certificate # 1573. 
MADDUX, Dasie Isabil ---  9 Dec 1888  Death Certificate # 1572. Age 55. 
MADDUX, Male ---  8 Jun 1890  Death Certificate # 1574. Age 1D. 
MADDUX, Male ---  8 Jun 1890  Death Certificate # 1575. Age 1D. 
MARTIN, Andrew J. ---  16 Dec 1856  Broken stone. Aged 37Y 4M. 
MCCLARREN, Alexander 15 Sep 1802  3 Oct 1866  Broken stone A loving husband and father dear, A faithful friend was buried here. 
MCCLARREN, Andrew 21 Nov 1833  22 Jun 1864  Son of A. & H. 
MCCLARREN, Helen ---  25 Mar 1881  Wife of Alex. Broken stone. Age 74Y 1M 11D. Footstone H. McL. Death Certificate. 
MCCLARREN, Sarah V. 7 Feb 1847  7 Jan 1866  Wife of A. R. Footstone S. M. 
MCLAREN, Ruddle ---  ---  Co. I, 30 IL Inf. GHS 
MCNEILL, Electa 30 Dec 1830  7 Nov 1899  Wife of N. 
MCNEILL, Neilly 10 Oct 1832  15 Oct 1910  PHS. Co. F. 150 Reg IL Inf. 
MCNEILL, Safrone J. ---  8 Oct 1889  Wife of F. Aged 27Y 9M 9D. Gone but not forgotten. Footstone S. McN. 
MCNEILL, Thomas B. ---  1 Jan 1880  Age 44Y 5M. S/w Thomas B, son. Footstone T. B. McN. He is not lost but gone before. 
MCNEILL, Thomas B. ---  2 Nov 1878  Age 9Y 7M 24D. S/w Thomas B, father. Son of T. B. & M. E. (?) Footstone T. B. McN. 
PARSONS, Cora May 1867  20 Feb 1898  nee ESSINGTON. No stone. Info from Chad Parson 
POTTS, Avis ---  22 Oct 1887  Death Certificate # 1584. Age 11M 21D. 
POTTS, Nora J. ---  7 Aug 1879  Death Certificate. Age 1Y 2M 0D. 
REA, A. J. ---  28 Oct 1859  Sacred to the Memory of. Consort of Mary E. Aged 40Y 28D. Footstone A. J. R. 
REDDICK, Ann Eliz ---  29 Aug 1880  Death Certificate # 718. Age 7Y 10M 0D ck # 
REDDICK, Arthur A. 14 Feb 1858  9 Nov 1859  I take this little lamb with Me, And lay him on My breast. 
REDDICK, Edna ---  ---  Dau of H. C. & S. E. Stone below surface 
REDDICK, Elizabeth M. 25 May 1842  6 Oct 1858  Footstone E. M. R. 
REDDICK, Francis M. 23 Jul 1839  7 Jun 1913  30 Inf IL Vol 
REDDICK, George W. 13 Sep 1837  4 Oct 1858  Stone broken and fallen. 
REDDICK, Joshua 20 May 1804  25 Sep 1858  Stone broken. Footstone J. R. 
REDDICK, William L. 6 Aug 1832  9 Oct 1858  In Memory of. Stone broken at birth date. 
RIGGS, Mary E. 10 Aug 1852  8 Jun 1854  Dau of S. T. & M. E. A little while this lovely flower, To cheer our earthly home was given, But O, it withered in an hour, And death transplanted it in heaven. 
ROBERTS, Georgeann 15 Aug 1862  9 Dec 1862  Dau of G. W. & N. C. Age 3M 25D. 
ROBERTS, Infant 24 Dec 1864  24 Dec 1864  Son of G. W. & N. C. 
ROBERTS, Nancy C. 18 Sep 1829  30 Dec 1864  Wife of G. W. Remember friends as you pass by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now you will be, Prepare for death and follow me. 
RUSSELL, Arthur M. ---  24 Oct 1879  Death Certificate. Age 8Y. 
RUSSELL, Elizabeth F. ---  29 Jul 1879  Death Certificate. Age 73Y 9M 29D. 
WHITLOCK, James 17 Apr 1800  5 Oct 1870  Stone next to Rebecca. 
WHITLOCK, Joseph J. 12 Dec 1825  12 Apr 1866  Remember friends as you pass by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now you will be, Prepare for death and follow me. Footstone J. J. W. 
WHITLOCK, Rebecca --  17 Jan 1879  Wife of James. 76Y 4M 17D. Stone fallen and laying flat. Footstone R. W. 
WILKEY, Wigel F. ---  3 Mar 1884  Death Certificate 1523. Age 15D. 

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