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This grave yard is at the top of a small hill in the middle of a farmer's field. The trees have been cut down to get rid of the coyotes and ground hogs which had infested the area. Rotted tree stumps and ground hog holes are still there. Day lillies abound. The stones are all broken and/or off the pedestals, but the Vandehaars have protected the stones for 50 years, hurray for them. Go 2 miles east of Rte 127 on Emerald Road, inquire for further directions at the Carl Vandehaar farm.

The history of this grave yard can be found in the Clinton County Historical Society (CCHS) Quarterly Vol. 24, No. 4.

There was another Noe Cemetery that was moved during the Carlyle Lake construction. See the CCHS Quarterly Vol. 19, No 2, Page 52.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
NOE, Aaron ---  11 Feb 1855  Son of Wm. & A. 3Y 19D. 
NOE, Allie 9 Aug 1867  2 Oct 1868  Dau of R. C. & E. L. 1Y 1M 23D. 
NOE, Arthur ---  9 Mar 1879  Age 1Y 3M 0D. Death certificate # 294. 
NOE, F. M. ---  --  Co. I, 30 ILL Inf. GHS. 
NOE, Francis M. ---  30 Jun 1884  41Y 8M 12D. Stone broken. And footstone F M N. 
NOE, R. C. 15 Oct 1847  30 Jul 1868  Farewell. In Memory of. 41Y 8M 12D. 
NOE, Sarah Ann ---  20 Aug 1849  Dau of Wm. & A. 3Y 6M 19D. 
NOE, Wm. Andrew ---  1 Sep 1848  Son of Wm. & A. 2Y 3M 11D. 
Unknown ---  28 Apr 1879  Age 1M 28D, Male. Death certificate # 360. 

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