Read by Phyllis Hanke, Gloria Dettleff, and Dorothy Falk on 5 Nov 2008

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This cemetery could have been known by another name in the years it was active in the mid-1800's, such as another Maddux Cemetery, since that was the earliest burial we found. We didn't find any Knolhoffs buried here, perhaps he was a later land owner.

The history of the cemetery is published in the Clinton County Historical Society Quarterly # 19-4.

To get to this cemetery, go south one mile on the Hoffman-Hoyleton Road from IL-161. On the left hand side (east) of the road, there are wooden posts between two farm fields marking the "entryway" to the cemetery right-of-way path. The wire across the top used to hold a sign with the cemetery's name. The cemetery is about a block ahead, in the trees to the left of the right-of-way. The road is bumpy and could have a little run-off water in wet weather.

The tombstones are dotted throughout about an acre of land, and most have been reasonably protected from the elements by the trees. There could be other stones buried beneath the 140 years of leaves and erosion.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
BOREN, James P. ---  6 Oct 1853  Son of Bartholemew & Mary E. Aged 2y 8m 9d 
EMBRY, James 13 Oct 1841  8 Mar 1875  Born in Campbellton, GA. Stone broken in 2 sections and very difficult to read. Inscription on bottom reads: It is a sweet reflection that the noblest worth of all an honest man and a good citizen. A loving husband A friend most dear, A faithful father lieth here. In love we lived, in peace he died. Life was desired but God denied. 
EMBRY, Lenia G. or C. 6 Sep 1874  29 Sep 1875  Dau of J. & Phebe. Phrase that includes "Little Lamb". Stone partially buried. 
GIBSON, Alice C. ---  13 Sep 1862  Dau of I. F. & M. A. Aged 2y 8m 10d 
GIBSON, S. B. ---  ---  GHS Co F 150th IL. Inf. 
GIBSON, Wm ---  ---  GHS Co H 30th IL Inf 
LEWIS, Mary 11 Mar 1837  6 May 1871  Wife of R. C. Aged 34y 1m 26d 
MADDUX, Elizabeth J. 13 Feb 1810  21 Oct 1855  Wife of Jas. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Stone next to Manerva & James Maddux 
MADDUX, Emma ---  21 Oct 1870  10m 4d Dau of U F & M S. Broken stone with E M footstone. 
MADDUX, Manerva 9 May 1808  11 Nov 1846  Wife of Jas. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Stone next to Elizabeth J. & James Maddux 
MADUX, James ---  16 Dec 1862  Age 59y 3m 8d Stone near his wives Elizabeth J & Manerva. 
PRIDE, George W. 10 Jan 1840  10 Feb 1865  25y 1m 4d In memory of. He was a good husband & had a loving wife & all seemed to be prospering but God forbade. 
PRIDE, Perlina M. ---  10 Jun 1863  18y 7m 18d Wife of G. W. A loving wife, a friend most dear, A faithful partner lieth here. In love we lived, in peace she died. Life was desired but God denied. Stone by Gibbons of Centralia, IL. 
ROSE, A. J. ---  ---  GHS Co. B. 45th IL. Inf. Also footstone. 
ROSE, J. H. ---  ---  GHS Co H 30th IL. Inf. Also footstone. 
ROSE, T. W. ---  ---  GHS Co H 30th IL Inf 
SHORT, B. ---  2 Oct 1866  65y 11m Next to Nancy J. Short. 
SHORT, Nancy J. ---  13 Jul 1876  76y 16d Wife of Benet 
UNKNOWN, Mary L. ---  ---  Dau of ___. Stone broken, missing piece not there.