Read by Kelly Isaak and Phyllis Hanke in 2009
Updated by Chad Parson, Kathy Parson, Cynthia Boatright Raleigh, Greg Raleigh, and Ivy Widick on 16 Apr 2011

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The cemetery is on private property. If you are planning a visit, please contact Chad Parson or Cynthia Raleigh. There are many tall briers in the summer/fall, it's much easier to visit in the Spring before new growth starts.

WATTS and ALLEN descendants, Chad Parson and Cyndi Raliegh, with the help of Kathy Parson, Greg Raleigh, and Ivy Widick, visited the cemetery in April 2011. They cleaned and cleared the area. Then they used rods to locate and uncover 6 more stones.

The history of the cemetery is published in the Clinton County Historical Society Quarterly # 20-2.

Chad Parson has created a map to show approximate stone locations. His photographs are in the Photo Gallery

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Map Number Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
WATTS Memorial Marker     James Hix Watts His Descendants and Friends 
W., S. M. S.     Footstone Note: Another set of initials at bottom, J M B? Looks as though it was used twice. Possibly belongs with Sarah M. WATTS  
ALLEN, Sidney W 14 Jun 1867  31 Oct 1867  In Memory Of Sidney W Son of H. & E. M. Allen. 
WATTS, Lily   23 Dec 1880  Dau Of J. ?. & S. C. Watts Aged 17 days. 2009 reading found a footstone marked L W 
ABERNATHY, O. H. 9 Aug 1853  8 Oct 1878  Masonic emblem. Originally read as D. M. Abernathy. 
W., C. R.     Footstone Cyndi Raleigh believes this is Cynthia R Watts 
ALLEN, Harriet J   10 Aug 1854  Daughter of Houston & Eliza M. Allen Aged 2 ys. 6 mo. 13 d. 
ALLEN, James T   21 Mar 1864  Son of Houston & E. M. Allen Aged 11ys. 3ms. 12ds. 
ALLEN, Houston 28 May 1825  28 Feb 1870  In Memory Of He Rests In Peace 
10  ALLEN, Eliza M   6 Jul 1876  Home In Heaven. Mother. Wife of Houston Allen. Aged 45Ys. 11Ms. 15Ds. Blessed are the dead who dwell in the Lord. 
11  WATTS, Sarah M   15 Feb 1873  Wife of W. F. Watts Aged 23 Ys 3 Ms 25 Ds 
12  W., O. M.     Footstone 
13  W., T. L.     Footstone Possibly for Tinna (Tina?) WATTS 
14  WATTS, Unknown   ? Jan 1876  Aged ? Mos 28 Ds 
15  WATTS, James F   17 Jul 1863  Aged 24 Yrs. 7 mo.10 ds. 2009 reading had found a footstone marked J F W 
16  WATTS, Phebe   18 Dec 1875  Wife of J. L. Watts Aged 20 Yrs 12 Ds Cynthia Raleigh believes this is Phebe E. JONES, married to Jason L WATTS on 24 Mar 1874  
17  W., I. M.     Footstone Probably Ida M WATTS 
18  WATTS, Ida M   12 Jul 1861  daughter of J.F. & M.A. Watts Aged 1 year 1 month 

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