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This cemetery is the newer New Baden City owned cemetery, opened when the New Baden cemetery in the town was assumed to be filled. It is about a half mile north of the Rte 160 and Rte 161 intersection, on the east side of the road. The stones are all new and extremely easy to read. Burial records are maintained at the Village Hall.

People are buried in different sections scattered throughout the cemetery, often too few to consider giving them a row number at this time. For the purposes of this reading, the sections, starting at the front left, clockwise, are L-Left, LC-Left Center, LB-Left Back, BC-Back Center, RB-Right Back, RC-Right Center, R-Right, and the area within the Circle is CL-Circle Left, CB-Circle Back, and CR-Circle Right. All of the rows are so short and easy to read that we did not feel the need to number the stones at this time.

S/w means "Shares stone with". The Veterans' tombstones are annotated as either Private Head Stones (PHS) or Government Head Stones (GHS).

An asterisk * means that the stone data has been supplemented with data from either a burial permit or a death certificate.

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