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This graveyard is about a half mile south of Airport Road, on Kehrer property, in the northwest corner of the woods. It abuts land owned by the Okaw Hunt Club. Local residents say that there used to be many more stones here. There could be additional stones under the lilies, grasses and weeds. No entries are in the 1878 death register for this grave yard.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
GOLDER, Unknown ---  ---  Local residents say some from this family buried here. Agnes Orrell married Fredrick Golder. 
ORRELL, Isaac 7 Oct 1811  1 May 1871  Clasped hands on top. Broken stone. Among day lilies. 
ORRELL, Jane ---  18 Jan 1859  10M 28D. 
ORRELL, Sarah Jane ---  2 Mar 1894  31Y 10M 7D. Didn't find stone, info from newspaper obit. 
ORRELL, Thomas ---  26 Oct 1851  1Y 1M 23D. Lamb on top of stone. 

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