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This cemetery was previously published combined with the New Baden Village Cemetery

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About one acre of ground was purchased from Anton Griesbaum about 11 Nov 1894 for a cemetery for St. George's Parish. The congregation at that time was 40 families. The land was adjacent to the Griesbaum family burial plots. Later, the surviving Griesbaum family transferred ownership of the Griesbaum cemetery to the Church with the agreement that the Church maintain the cemetery. A sketch of the combined cemeteries is shown on this St George and New Baden Cemetery Map.

Over time, the majority of the stones in the Griesbaum portion seem to have been demolished. Broken pieces of stones from both portions of the cemeteries were removed for safety and buried in a common hole.

We have included data from several sources. First was from the stones that are still standing in the cemetery, including the Griesbaum stones. We added the names of the people that were killed in the 1896 cyclone (Cyc) that we didn't find in other cemeteries - these could be wrong. Next we checked the death registers (Reg) and added the ones that said Griesbaum or St. George or the ones that had someone of the same surname in this cemetery. If we could find no clue which cemetery to put them in, we added them to the City cemetery - not necessarily the best solution. We had access to some burial permits (BurP) and some death certificates (Cert) for some of the years, and we either added those names or supplemented data that was already in the data base and used an asterisk * to show that we added data not on the stone. When the death registers are transcribed, perhaps additional names will be added.

It is assumed that the St. George cemetery is almost filled, except for maybe Row 1. Later burials are in the Resurrection Cemetery. Additional information may be available from:

  1. the Church
  2. the Catholic churches' archives microfilm which is now available at the Belleville Public Library and at the St. Louis County Library
  3. the Death Registers at the court house in Carlyle or from IRAD or from the State
  4. microfilm at any Family History Center, including the film that is at the O'Fallon FHC indefinitely
  5. obituaries either on microfilm at Carlyle library or Belleville library or from the State of Illinois

For the purposes of this reading, we began the Row numbering and the Grave numbering at the northeast corner of the cemetery.

Many people died in St. Clair County, possibly because of the three reasonably close hospitals.

We also made an unofficial plat map of the cemetery. We measured the cemetery to document an approximate placing of the stones listed in the cemetery listing. Our purpose was to perhaps show families and in-laws that are buried together and how many unmarked graves are between the identified ones.

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