Nighswander, J.
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Read by Louis and Linda Holthaus, Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk on 19 Jan 2006

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This cemetery is about 1 block south of the Lowe and Pelican Roads junction in Section 2 on the Bergmann property. It was previously known as the Zachary property. Ask permission to visit the cemetery at the house up the hill by the red barn. After you walk over the dam, the cemetery is to the right in what used to be a little clearing but is now overrun with saplings, sticker bushes and years of dropped foliage. The cemetery was not affected by the creation of the farm lake.

The cemetery is among the oldest that we've seen and the only stones that we found, except for the Government marker, were buried under about 3 or 4 inches of dirt, leaves and roots. There were several markers, mostly broken and buried, dotted here and there throughout the possible-half-acre area.

When we arrived, the Henry Sharp 1812 marker was in front of the J. Nighswander Civil War marker, both next to a tree. We moved Henry's 1812 marker to an area near his wife Rhoda's grave where there is a large broken unmarked buried limestone marker, which could be for his grave. We did not return the dirt on top of the graves since we think a family member will visit there this summer.

If there is an article about the ceremony when the marker was placed there, perhaps would be a get a firm location for his grave.

You may want to contact Becky Sharp McCormack, a SHARP researcher.

* are items from previous readings by Helen Sharp Wickcliffe and by Ruth Nighswander Riggs.

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Name Maiden Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
BONNER, Beulah Ann LOCEY  --  --  From Beryl DURBIN 's letter 
CROCKER, Stephen Nye   --  1869  From Beryl DURBIN 's letter 
JOHNSON, Unknown   --  --  Either some Johnsons are buried here or they were a later land owner. 
MARCHUM, Mary Ann   --  3 Aug 1856  Wife of B.  Aged 39 Y. 
NIGHSWANDER, Elizabeth   --  26 Jul 1879  "Death Register # 400.  Age 69Y 6M 0D.  Died from congestive fever." 
NIGHSWANDER, J.   --  --  Government head stone - Co. I, 111th ILL Inf. 
SHARP, Henry   2 May 1773*  24 Dec 1824*  Born Sussex Co., New Jersey*.  Tarnished brass marker says "In honor of service in the War of 1812.  NS USD." 
SHARP, Levi *   23 Oct 1816*  24 May 1848*  Son of Henry, married to Emily ELLIFF or ELLIS.* 
SHARP, P. ?   --  --  There is a footstone buried close to Rhoda Sharp, with initials only, too far away to be Paulina Stephens'. 
SHARP, Rhoda BEAUCHAMP*  18 Jul 1781  31 Mar 1846  Stone buried.  Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.  Wife of Henry SHARP*.  Dau of William BEAUCHAMP & Nancy [PARKER]*  Widow of Abram WALKER* 
SMALLEY, Maria   --  22 Dec 1886  Death Register # 1521.  Age 33Y.  Died from dropsy and heart disease. 
STEPHENS, Julia *   --  13 Jun 1852*  Dau of J. J. & L. M. [SHARP].  5Y, 3M 21D.* 
STEPHENS, Paulina   --  23 Jul 1854  Dau of J. J. & L. M.  Age 17Y 3M 23D. 
T., M.   --  --  An adult's footstone is leaning against a tree toward the back left of the area. 
THOMSON, James*   --  7 Jan 1859  Aged 68Y 8M 12D  *Based on an earlier Helen Wickcliffe's reading. 
TUTTLE, Rebecca A.   --  28 Oct 1884  Death Register # 1520.  Age 81Y 4M 7D.  Died from bronchitis. 

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