Read by , Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk on 19 Jan 2006

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Locey Cemetery is located on the Camp Joy Road, about one block south of it's junction with Pollman Road. The cemetery is about a block up the hill on the east side of the road. We visited the cemetery when the foliage was down for the year and could only see something that looked like a big black box up the hill, which turned out to be a tombstone. Stones are dotted throughout the about-a-half-acre. Periwinkle provides ground cover and keeps the weeds down. There are un-engraved limestone markers throughout, there could be more buried stones that we didn't find.

The history of the cemetery is published in the Clinton County Historical Society Quarterly 19 - # 1.

* marks items from previous readings

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Name Maiden Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
LOCEY, Abraham Taylor   1 Mar 1806  8 Apr 1867  In memory of.  Shares stone with Elizabeth.  Born in Sullivan Co., NY. Stone fallen and broken.  Footstone A. T. broken. 
LOCEY, adult     --  Chips of stone buried.  __Y, 2M, 2D. 
LOCEY, Charles Stephens *     18 Apr 1874 *  Civil War Veteran.  No stone.  * 
LOCEY, child     --  Chips of stone buried. 
LOCEY, Daniel *     1836  No stone * 
LOCEY, Elizabeth STEPHENS  25 Jul 1816  8 Apr 1882  Shares stone with Abraham. Wife of Abraham. Born in Lexington, Ky.  Footstone E. S. L. 
LOCEY, Elizabeth Annis   12 May 1862  4 Aug 1864  Dau of Danl. & S. A.  Age 2Y 2M 22D.  Footstone E. A. L. 
LOCEY, Esther * TAYLOR *    Nov 1836 *  Wife of Daniel. * No stone 
NICHOLS, Infant   2 Jul 1874  2 Jul 1874  Son of John & Permilia 
O'HARNETT, Emma J. *     17 Jun 1871*  Dau of M. J. & Mary.*  S/w M. J. and James. * Footstone E. J. O'H. was there. 
O'HARNETT, James *     12 Oct 1876*  Son of M. J. & Mary.*  S/w M. J. and Emma J.* Footstone J. O'H was there. 
O'HARNETT, John M. *     --  Justice of the Peace.*  No stone 
O'HARNETT, M. J. *     --  Previous reading said M. J. shared with two children.*  We didn't find a stone for the 3.* 
O'HARNETT, Mary     17 May 1871  Shares stone with Mary S. 
O'HARNETT, Mary S.     --  Shares stone with Mary.  Wife of John.  Age 39Y 2M 27D. 
Unknown       We loved this tender little one, And would have wished her stay.  But let our Father's will be done.  She shines in an endless day. 
Unknown   -   maybe John M? *        

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