Read by Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk on 2 Jan 2002

Two surnames from a family cemetery now in a farmer's pasture plus one surname from a death certificate. The cemetery probably used to be in a copse of trees at the top of a slight hill. These four stones are worn and broken. Other stones could be buried by 140 years of tree and dirt debris. The two families shown here were joined together on 1 Dec 1857 when Mary Baker married David Kendal. There are many Bakers in the 1860 census, including Burton, 53, N.C. and wife Mary C., 63, VA. Probably no Kendals.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
BAKER, Absolom C. 17 Nov 1828  3 Jul 1844  Son of Burton & M.A.  15 years 8 months 15 days 
BAKER, Jas. B.   10 Sep 1860  7 months, 5 days 
ECKSTEIN, Caroline --  1 Feb 1882  Death Certificate # 1089.  Died in Jamestown from epilepsy at age 46. Born in Germany, lived in Illinois 35 years. Grass widow. No Ecksteins in 1880 census.  Only Eckstein in 1870 census was John, 40, Germany. 
K., A. R. --  --  Footstone only.  Could contain another initial in front of the A R K 
KENDLE, Unknown 1 Aug 1843  19 Nov 1859  Stone broken. 

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