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Read by Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk on 3 Jan 2002
With updates from Nancy Seefeldt in Sep 2008
and Jeanie Potts Nolte in Nov 2008 and Oct 2010

The photo shows the remains of the stones that were probably the Potts and the Shoal Creek Baptist Creek Cemetery, now just stacked on top of each other. This "cemetery" sits in a grassy area which Popeye Lane detours around. At least one stone has been unearthed, so this land was a portion of the original cemetery. A farmer's field abuts the grassy area on the south side, which is to the left of this photo. We were able to glean a few names, but did not attempt to lift/move the larger stones. The congregation later built a church two miles north of Breese in Breese Township (Source: 1881 History of Marion and Clinton Counties).

Jeannie Potts Nolte and Mike Timmermann, St Rose Township Supervisor, moved the stones out of the big pile on 20 Nov 2008 but the chill index prevented photographing all of the stones. There are some photos in the Photo Gallery.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
CASEY, John P. 10 May 1852  29 Oct 1855  Son of W. P. & M. E. Given name, middle initial, and relationship from Jeanie Potts Nolte 
CASEY, Martha M. 11 Nov 1861  22 Nov 1862  Dau of W. P. & M. E. Birth and Death dates read by Nancy Seefeldt 
DULANEY, Israel --  16 Sep 1858  Age 5xxxx. Years? Months? Days? 50 something? The 1860 census shows Bulan children living with the Laomi Potts family and the Delany family living nearby.  Name could be BULANEY. 
DULANEY, Israel --  16 Sep 1858  Age 17. (Could be same as other DULANEY). Read by Nancy Seefeldt 
HAHN, Elizabeth --  6 Apr 1879  Death certificate # 340 says Age 24Y 3M 12D. Per Nancy Seefeldt, Elizabeth POTTS married in St. Louis on 10 Jun 1871 
HAHN, Julia K. --  12 Sep 1874  Dau of W. J. & E.  6M 4D. 
HAHN, Louis --  4 Aug 1879  Son of W. J. & E.  5M 22D.  Shares stone with Julia K. Names are engraved in most unusual position with one name at each of the square ends of the small rectangular stone which is at the lower right of the photo. Death certificate # 431. 
HERRIAN, M. E. 20 Dec 1851  3 Jan 1870  Wife of A. Per Nancy Seefeldt and Jeanie Potts Nolte, this stone is for Mary Ellen who was the daughter of Thomas Potts 
HOLLOW, G. M. _____ 1865  17 Sep 186_  Son (?) Read by Nancy Seefeldt 
HOLLOW, Samuel J. 4 Apr 1865  17 Sep 1865  Son of S. S. & M. Middle initial read by Nancy Seefeldt 
KREUTER, Fernandine --  6 Jan 1883  Death certificate # 1270 says Age 34Y 5M 0D. 
P., S. --  --  Footstone only - S. P. 
POTTS, Elizabeth (REED) 18 Mar 1828  28 Oct 1876  Aged 48 yrs, 7 mos, 10 dys. Wife of Thomas Potts and then his cousin, John Wesley Potts. Information furnished by Jeanie Potts Nolte. Verse: Tho thou art gone and thy fair form lies mouldering in dust, Still Elizabeth fond memory Clings to thee. 
POTTS, Loamia 28 Jun 1816  29 Mar 1876  Born in Tenn. Info from Jeanie Potts Nolte 
POTTS, Molly 25 Apr 1873  15 Oct 1873  Dau of L. & M. K. Read by Nancy Seefeldt 
POTTS, Others --  --  No stones, information from Nancy Seefeldt. Robert's first wife, 3 sons and 2 daughters and spouses are possibly buried here, too. Robert POTTS, the original Potts settler of this land and his second wife are buried in Arkansas.  
POTTS, Thomas J. 9 Sep 1824  11 Nov 1865  Death day from Jeanie Potts Nolte 
POTTS, Viola M --  7 Aug 1895  Age 1 Read by Nancy Seefeldt 
REYNOLDS, Martha K. 11 Nov 18xx  30 Nov 1877  Wife of I. M. M. Howard REYNOLDS. Martha was Loami POTTS's fifth wife. Additional reading and info from Nancy Seefeldt 
UNKNOWN 12 Jan 1857  25 Mar 1858  Top portion of stone missing Reading by Nancy Seefeldt 

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