Read by Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk on 3 May 2002

Thanks to Vince Lampe for locating this cemetery.

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This cemetery is less than a block from the Jamestown Road. Going north, about 3/4 mile after crossing Creekside Road, after crossing a creek branch, turn right, up the farm lane. This cemetery is in a clump of trees, there are a couple pieces of old farm machinery at the back side of the trees, and some old tires are discarded among the trees. All of the graves found here have full sized concrete grave covers. Several have been broken and vary in the degree of being buried. All used common red bricks to form the base for the slabs to rest on. The roots from the trees have root-bound the stones and we had neither big shovels or root cutters with us to read the rest of the stones. Groundhogs and/or other critters have burrowed dens under some of the stones. The stones are surprisingly readable, perhaps the trees protect them from the elements. This cemetery has the earliest birth date of any person in any of the cemeteries that we have read to date.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
MAXEY, Oliver H. P. 30 Jul 1816  18 Jan 1856  In memory of.  Age 39Y 5M 17D (bad math)  Masonic insignia, no G in the middle. 
SMITH, Elizabeth 1 Aug 1766  22 Aug 1835  In memory of. 
TAYLOR, Benjamin 31 Aug 1825  20 Aug 1861  In memory of.  Age 35Y 11M 19D. 
TAYLOR, Franklin D. 7 Aug 1818  13 Oct 1853  In memory of.  Age 35Y 2M 6D.  Masonic insiginia, no G in the middle. 
WHITE, Henry (?) C. 16 May 1847  18 Aug 1861  In memory of.  Stone had slipped under Maxey's stone.  Was buried under at least 24" of roots and dirt. 
Unknown 3 Sep 1800  23 Dec 1839  Broken slab. 
Unknown     Broken slab. 
Unknown     Broken slab. 
Unknown     Broken slab. 

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