Read by Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk May 2002
Photos by John and Eileen Ratermann in February 2010

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The Power or Edwards Farm Cemetery is south of Trenton. On Route 160, turn on Wesclin Rd until 1/3 mile after Tank Road. There is a new house on north side of road before the creek branch, stop there and ask permission to visit the cemetery. It is in the field north of the house and is surrounded by a chain link fence. Stones have all been laid flat in concrete.

The history of the cemetery is published in the Clinton County Historical Society Quarterly 1 - 2.

Rose Power Somraty and Karen Querna are Power researchers and may be able to answer questions about the POWER surname.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
POWER, Martha Jo ---  22 Aug 1834  Daughter of Pennington and Elizabeth. Age 1Y 6M 1D. Shares head stone with Sarah E. 
POWER, Sarah E. ---  7 Jan 1844  Daughter of Pennington and Elizabeth. Age 6Y 8M 10D. Shares head stone with Martha Jo. 
POWER, Solomon H. ---  29 Nov 1845  Son of Pennington and Elizabeth. Age 7M 18D. 
POWER, Franklin A. ---  24 Sep 1850  Son of Pennington and Elizabeth. Age 21Y 2M 29D. 
POWER, Elizabeth H. 4 Oct 1801  10 Jul 1852  Wife of Pennington. Age 50Y 9M 6D. 
POWER, Pennington 14 Dec 1793  15 Aug 1854  In Memory Of. Age 60Y 8M 1D. 

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