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St. Mary's Cemetery
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St. Mary Cemetery is located on the north side of Old U.S. Highway 50 several blocks east of the Trenton City Limits in Sugar Creek Township. It is a well-kept and continually operational cemetery.

This reading is current as of January 2006. We thank St. Mary Church for sharing their records through 1931 (privacy year) which greatly assisted us in aligning the grave numbers and also provided information that does not appear on the stones. Please see the key below for all abbreviations and an explanation of symbols.

The cemetery officially began in 1871 but there are a few graves that date back to 1865. Additional land was acquired in 1924 and again in 1961. It is estimated that most of the original 1871 cemetery area is filled with graves but many are not marked or recorded.

There was a problem in the earlier days with the markers between single lots and family lots, some intermingled. The problem was corrected when the Church converted to a section, block and row system. If you correspond with the Church, be sure to use their Lot #.

Updates - If you prefer to have your engraved data shown, Contact Us. If you know of other changes, engraved or not, let us know about those, too. That includes additional names. And let us know if you'd like us to show your name and email for other researchers to contact you for that particular person.

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