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Take Kell Road north to where the road stops going at an angle and returns to straight north. There is a farm lane on the east side that goes up Grube Hill. The cemetery is in the field over the crest of the hill, about a block straight east from where the farm lane driveway ends. The remnants of the cemetery stones have been lovingly restored with black landscaping cloth topped with creek bed pebbles with the pieces of tombstones lying flat on top of the pebbles like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

History of the cemetery and the family are available from the Clinton County Historical Society Quarterly 19-4, pages 166 - 168.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
C., D. T. Footstone (Cole, Doctor T.) 17 Sep 1820  29 Aug 1852  Footstone only per Toni Kohrmann, the footstone belongs to Doctor T. Cole (birth and death dates from Toni). His headstone was moved to McKendree Chapel Cemetery after his wife passed away and is located next to her stone there. He was married to Emily Cynthia Myatt on April 23, 1840 in Bond County. He is the son of William and Polly. 
COLE, F. S. 23 Feb 1819  12 Apr 1839  Stone broken, surname missing 
COLE, Hester Ann xxxx 1845  17 Dec 1845  Daughter of xxxxx and xxxxx. Stone broken and weather worn smooth. 
COLE, I. 15 Feb 1841  20 Feb 1841  Infant son of A. J. & R. Footstone I C 
COLE, Polly Y. 20 Nov 1791  xxxx  Wife of Wm. Stone broken into many pieces, some pieces missing. Footstone P Y C. Toni Kohrmann provided part of the birth year. Per Toni, her maiden name was COLLIER 
COLE, W., Rev. 2 Aug 1788  25 Nov 1852  Stone broken into several pieces. Footstone W. C. O weep not for the pious dead, But in their footsteps humbly tread. And mat them in that peaceful shore Where sin and death prevail no more. 

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