Read and copyright© by Gloria Dettleff and Dorothy Falk on 5 Apr 2002
Photographed by Toni Kohrmann in Nov 2011

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Godell Cemetery is on the south side of Emerald Road. Where Walker Road intersects Emerald Road from the north, you turn to the south and go up the lane leading to the farmhouse. A little over a half mile up that lane, before you get to the house, the remaining cemetery stones are placed against trees. Some are broken, some are illegible, but they are there, thanks to some unknown persons. We can assume many stones are missing.

* Marks stones not found, information was taken from previous readings and/or descendant.

Name Born Died Inscriptions and Comments
DUNN, John F. ---  29 Dec 1881  Son of J. & M. E. Aged 19Y 4M 7D. Weep not father and mother for me. For I am waiting in heaven for thee. 
ENTREKIN, ____ ea ---  __ 14, 1875  ___ Y 4M. Could be Elizabeth, wife of Asa.* 
ENTREKIN, Asa 9 Jan 1805  23 Mar 1864  56Y 2M 14D. Blessed are the dead which in the Lord from hence forth. Yea saith the spirit, that they may rest from the labours, and their works do follow them. A. E. footstone. 
ENTREKIN, Elvira ---  14 Apr 1846  Daughter of A. & E. 20Y 4M 14D 
ENTREKIN, Lucy C. 19 Feb 1854  20 Feb 1854  Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such, such is the kingdom of heaven. 
ENTREKIN, Thomas G. 10 Dec 1831  24 Dec 1856  Aged 25Y 14D. In Memory of. 
ENTREKIN, Unknown ---  ---  Sacred to the memory of 
ENTREKIN, William 1842 *  1851 *  Son of A. & E. 
FORD, Augustin ---  1 Oct 1843  Son of J. R. & E. Age 9Y1M 9D 
FORD, Infant * ---  8 Nov 1853 *  Son of D. & N. M. * 
FORD, John T. ---  12 Aug 1845  Son of J. R. & E. Age 2Y 10M 
FORD, L. B. 2 Jun 1790  3 Oct 1852  Aged 62Y 6M 1D 
FORD, Malinda J. ---  17 Jan 1841  Daughter of J. R. & E. Age 2Y 5M 24D 
GODELL, Elizabeth 8 Feb 1896  15 Oct 1896  On same slab base as Infant and John. 
GODELL, Infant 18 Jul 1897  21 Jul 1897  On same slab base as John & Elizabeth. 
GODELL, John 16 Oct 1862  7 Feb 1899  Father. On same slab base as infant and Elizabeth. 
GODELL, Nancy M. ---  24 Jan 1879  Wife of Geo. Aged 50Y 2M 7D. A light from our household is gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place in our hearts is vacant, Which never can be filled. Stone in 2 pieces. Per Toni Kohrmann, Nancy Melvania (Dunn) Godell was married twice. First to Daniel Boone Ford then to George Godell. 
HUCKABAY, Benjamin G. 26 Jul 1827  20 Jan 1866  Married 5 May 1850 
HUCKABAY, Harriet 29 Oct 1827  15 May 1854  Wife of S. S. 26Y 6M 17D. 
HUCKABAY, Jimmy ---  ---  Death record 
HUCKABAY, Samuel ---  ---  Death record 
HUCKABAY, Sarah 25 Sep 1786  2 Oct 1856  Age 70Y 7D. Footstone S. H. Brightly the morning in glory beameth, Sweetly she rests as one who dreameth, Angels have borne her spirit home. 
HUDSON, B. G. ---  ---  Footstone only next to Lucinda 
HUDSON, Lucinda 4 Aug 1807  5 Jul 1870  Gone to Heaven Farewell. In Memory of. Remember, friends, as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I. As I am now, so you must be, Prepare for death and follow me. 
THOMPSON, James R. 11 Jun 1826  29 Sep 1853  27Y 3M 18D 
Unknown ---  ---  Bottom part of stone only: Earth counts a mortal less, Heaven an angel more. 
Unknown, William * ---  8 Feb 1874 *  Aged 56Y, 5M. Stone broken. 
WIGART, Philipp 17 Oct 1866  18 Feb 1880  Broken in 2 pieces 

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