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Wooden Cross at St. Felicitas Cemetery
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The one sturdy wooden cross (see above) is still standing - a precious relic from the past. It measures 50 inches tall and 30 inches across and was constructed with 2 inch x 4 inch boards. It is weathered and some grain has been eroded. The name and dates are no longer visible except for a possible "ich" for a first name. That could be Heinrich or Friederich, etc. This cross was the inspiration for our Tombstone Photo Project.

St. Felicitas Catholic Cemetery is located on the south side of Church Road, about midway between Stolletown Road and Jenne Road, east of the church. For the purposes of this listing, we began the row numbering at the left/east row. We began the stone numbering within each row at the back/south end of the row to make future burials numbering easier. There are a few grave spaces in the current rows with no stones. A few of the older stones are weather worn and difficult to read.

Rev. Feldman is the only priest buried here, and he is buried in the center in front of the statues.

GHS means Government Head Stone for the Illinois Veterans' Commission use.

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