The U.S. Federal Census - A nationwide population census every 10 years is required by Article I, Section 2, of the United States Constitution. The first census in 1790 did not include any of the territory that would later become Clinton Co. The second census in 1800 did include the Indiana Territory, Mississippi Territory, and the Northwest Territory but the information collected has since been lost. The 1810 census also included the Illinois Territory but half of the information (the part that would contain Clinton Co.) has also been lost.

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U. S. Federal Census

1820 Washington County
(before the formation of Clinton County)

1830 Clinton County

1840 Clinton County

1850 Clinton County

1860, Illinois [microform] (images only - external link)

1870 Clinton County (partial)

1870, Illinois [microform] (images only - external link)

1880 Clinton County (partial) 

1900 Clinton County (partial)

1910 Clinton County (partial)

1920 Clinton County (partial) Now with an alpha surname index

1930 Clinton County (partial)

1940 Census Primer

U. S. Federal Census
Mortality Schedules

1850 Clinton County Deaths

1860 Clinton County Deaths 

1880 Clinton County Deaths

Other Census Records

1818 Washington County
(before the formation of Clinton County)

1825 Clinton County

1837 Census for Town of Carlyle

1862 Military Census

1865 Clinton County (partial)

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