1870 Clinton County Illinois Census


The 1870 census was taken as of 1 Jun 1870. The microfilm of our county only shows the Township and Range numbers, not the geographical name locations. Here are the page numbers for Clinton County # M593-196.

Volunteers that would be interested in transcribing a township should Contact Us to be sure no one else is working on them. We have a template to send to you.


Brookside Twp T1N R1W Page 209


Meridian Twp T2N R1W Page 222  
East Fork Twp T3N R1W Page 234  
Lake Twp T1N R2W Page 242 Online
Clement Twp T2N R2W Page 249  
Carlyle Twp T2N R2W Page 262  
Irishtown Twp T3N R2W Page 280  
Santa Fe Twp T1N R3W Page 289  
Wade Twp T2N R3W Page 296  
Wheatfield Twp T3N R3W Page 308  
Germantown Twp T1N R4W Page 328  
Hanover Village (Germantown) T1N R4W Page 331  
Breese Village T2N R4W Page 331  
Breese Twp T2N R4W Page 346  
St Rose Twp, first part is Jamestown village T3N R4W Page 346  
Looking Glass Twp T1N R5W Page 366  
New Memphis, Looking Glass Twp T1S R5W Page 383  
Trenton, Sugar Creek Twp T2N R5W Page 390  
Hull (Albers), Sugar Creek Twp T2N R5W Page 404  
Trenton, Sugar Creek Twp T2N R5W Page 408  


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