1910 Clinton County Illinois Census


The 1910 census was taken as of 15 April 1910.  The census schedules record the following information for each person: name; relationship to head of household; sex; color or race; age at last birthday; marital status; length of present marriage; if a mother, number of children and number of living children; place of birth; place of birth of parents; if foreign born, year of immigration and citizenship status; language spoken; occupation; type of industry employed in; if employer, employee, or self-employed; if unemployed; number of weeks unemployed in 1909; if home is rented or owned; if home is owned, free or mortgaged; if home is a house or a farm; if a survivor of the Union or Confederate Army or Navy; if blind in both eyes; and if deaf or dumb.

If a person was married, the enumerator asked if it was the first, second, or more marriage.  That information is included as M1, M2, etc. 

Someone besides the enumerator added information later in the last four columns.  Those are a statistical duplication of the occupation columns and are not included in this listing.

This transcription is from Census Roll T624-#236, Supervisory District 14.  If you want to check the film for alternate spellings, etc, you may check the microfilm or online images based on the following identifications which are located in a single line toward the upper right corner of the odd numbered pages.


The pages below are not a complete detailed listing.








        Breese Township -   Page 1A - 7B       Page 8A - 15B

        Breese City - Ward 2 - Page 16A - 23A 

        Breese City - Ward 3 -  Page 23B - 31A

        Breese City - Ward 1 -  Page 31B - 36B

        Supplements (Wards 2 & 3)  -  Page 37A - 39A



        Brookside Township - Page 40A - 45B     Page 46A - 50B

        Centralia City - Ward 3  Page 51A - 53A

        Centralia City - Ward 5  Page 53B - 54B  



        Carlyle City - Page 51, District 4, Sheet 1A

        Carlyle Township - Page 75, District 4, Sheet 21A



        Huey Village - Page 78, District 5, Sheet 1A

        Clement Township - Page 81, District 5, Sheet 4A

East Fork


        East Fork Township - Page 87, District 6, Sheet 1A



        Germantown Township - District 7 - Page 96A - 108B

        Germantown Village - District 8 - Page 109A - 117A



        Irishtown Township - Page 118, District 9, Sheet 1A

        Keyesport Village - Page 126, District 9, Sheet 9A



        Lake Township - Page 130, District 10, Sheet 1A

Looking Glass


        New Baden Village - Page 139, District 11, Sheet 1A  

        Looking Glass Township - Maybe Page 154, District 11, Sheet 16A

        New Memphis Village - Page 168, District 11, Sheet 30A

        Damiansville Village - Maybe Page 171, District 11, Sheet 33A



        Shattuc Village - Page 172, District 12, Sheet 1A

        Meridian Township - Page 177, District 12, Sheet 6A

 St. Rose Township


        St. Rose Township - Page 182, District 13, Sheet 1A

        Jamestown Village - Page 185, District 13, Sheet 4A

        St. Rose Village - ? Page 186, District 13, Sheet 5A

Santa Fe


        Bartelso Village - Page 193, District 14, Sheet 1A

        Santa Fe Township - Page 197, District 14, Sheet 5A

Sugar Creek


        Sugar Creek Township - Page 202, District 15, Sheet 1A

        Trenton Town - Page 216, District 16, Sheet 1A

        Aviston  Town - Page 212, District 15, Sheet 11A



        Beckemeyer Village - Page237, District 17, Page 1A

        Wade  Township - Page 245, District 17, Page 9A



        Wheatfield Township - Page 252, District 18, Sheet 1A

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