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"Notice: Whereas, the town of Carlyle has been troubled with divers nuisances, such as hogs, dogs, &c. notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, the 10th day January, next, there will be a meeting of the citizens of the town of Carlyle at the schoolhouse for the purpose of incorporating said town. All persons interested will please to attend."

Dec 29th, 1836 (Signed) A Citizen


At the 10 January meeting, John M. Webster, Esq., was unanimously chosen President, and J. Bradley, Clerk; who, being qualified according to law by Henry Seagraves, Esq., a justice of the peace in and for Clinton county, Illinois, entered upon their seral duties.

A committee of three persons, Messrs. Case, Bradley and Seagraves was appointed by the President John M. Webster to ascertain the number of inhabitants of said town. They reported the town of Carlyle to contain 167 souls, with families.


"To the Voters of the Carlyle Corporation: Take Notice"

That on Tuesday evening next, at early candlelight, an election will be held at the school-house in Carlyle for Five Trustees who are residents and freeholders in said town, for the said corporation, for one year.

January 11th, 1837 (Signed) J. Bradley, Clerk of the Corporation


Inhabitants Souls Vote of incorporation Votes for Trustee
ABBOTT, Mrs. 3    
AFFLICK, T. B. 7   9
BEIEING, Wm. 5    
BRADLEY, J. 7 Yea 3
BREESE, Sidney 11    
CASE, Zophar 4 Yea 14*
COLLIN, William 16 Yea 12*
DINGHTY, A. 1    
DREW, David 7    
FOSTER, Wm. 3    
HADEN, E. A. 6 Yea 2
HERVEY, Franklin 8 Yea 16*
HOWARD, D. G. 4    
MASON, H. T. 6    
MEHR, H. 10    
OMELVANY, Mrs. 3    
SCOTT, Henry 3 Yea 3
SCOTT, John 19   15*
SEAGRAVES, Henry 3 Nay  
SLADE, Caroline 3    
SLADE, Mary D. 6    
WATKINS, Jas. E. 5    
WEBSTER, John M. 6 Yea 15*
WILCOX, J. 1    
Total Listed in Book 147    
BOND, P.   Yea 11
KER     1
NEELY   Yea  
OHARNETT, J. M.     8
PHELPS   Yea  
Total Souls 167 18 to 1  


*Duly elected Trustees for the ensuing year of the town of Carlyle.

Source: History of Marion and Clinton Counties, Illinois, 1881, Page 174. It identified only 147 souls and then listed the names of other people that voted in favor of incorporation. Some of these men may have been counted in the households above, and maybe the others had families. The number of votes adds up to 17 to 1. I suspect the 18th was John Scott. Spelling is as was recorded in the History book – such as Dinghty and Linghry could be the same person.


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