Beaver Creek

Baptist Church History

Wheatfield Township, Clinton County, Illinois


This church was organized about the year 1830, in what is now known as Wheatfield township and composed of members living in Clinton and Bond Counties.

The meetings were held in the houses of its members for a number of years, and in pleasant seasons of the year, in shady groves. The names of all of the earliest members are not known. Some of the first members were William DOWNING, Joseph MYERS, Asa ENTREKIN and Jabel RAY.

Elders James LEMEN and Nathan ARNETT, then living in St. Clair County, were among the first ministers who preached in this community. This little church prospered and in 1835 1838 had increased its membership to about 65. In December, 1849, J. R. FORD, living in the town of Wheatfield, Clinton county, became its pastor, and continue in this relation, with the exception of two years, until the time this history book was written in 1881.

In 1854, a church building was erected near Beaver creek, on section 14, Wheatfield township. The most remarkable and interesting incident in the history of this church, is the great revival of religion, in 1856, when fifty-one were added to its membership by conversion and baptism. In this number, were some of the most prominent citizens and many of the most intelligent and respectable youths of the community.

From 1850 to 1870, the congregations attending divine service at this place were very large and highly respectable. Since then, the membership and congregation have gradually decreased due to the changing population.

Among those who became members in the churchs early history, and continued in that relation until their deaths are:


ENTREKIN, Asa, who was made a deacon
FLOYD, Charles T. who became a minister and resided in the West in 1881
FLOYD, Kezziah
FORD, Daniel
FORD, Nancy M.
MEYERS, Elizabeth
MYERS, James
MYERS, John C.
MYERS, Joseph
MYERS, William



Source: History of Marion and Clinton Counties, Illinois, 1881, Page 170


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