Diamond Spring Baptist Church was organized about the year 1835. John CARTER, Sr. and wife and Philip GATES and wife, are the only known constituent members now known by parties living. This church was constituted at the house of John Carter, who lived near a large spring called Diamond Spring, from which the church took its name. After a few years, Carter moved about six miles northeast, where he and his sons, with some help from others, built a log meeting-house. This house was used for a number of years, when a frame-house was built and used, until superseded by a more commodious house, built about eight years ago. Deacon John Carter was the main pillar in this church for more than forty years. A man of considerable means for those times, unbounded hospitality and of an earnest Christian zeal for the cause of religion and morality; he was a host in his day.

Elders William COOLEY and John PADON probably assisted in the constitution and preached for them several years, Cooley having his membership in this church.

From about 1845, this church had the ministerial labors of William STEELE, Joseph HUEY, Reuben KLINE, E. A. COOLEY and others. In 1856, I. A. DALE was settled with this church as resident pastor, and continued in this relation to the church, with the exception of two or three years, until his death in 1874. Elder Dale was not an educated man, but possessed rather extraordinary natural gifts as a speaker, and being a very earnest and zealous man, he impressed what he taught permanently upon the minds and hearts of those who heard him.

Since the death of I. A. Dale, S. DERRICKSON preached for this church. J. R. FORD is the present pastor. This church was constituted with about twelve members. This number was soon increased to forty and upwards, the maximum not exceeding eighty at any period of its history. This church has consisted largely of a family connection. The Carter family have, and do to this day, consitituted a large and prominent part of the church.

John C. Carter, grandson of Deacon John Carter, is a promising young minister, having graduated in his theological course last June.

Source: History of Marion and Clinton Counties, Illinois, 1881, Page 170.

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