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Please be aware that there were many different priests who served this congregation and some of these priests were assistants or interim priests who may not have known the people of the parish. For this reason some records do not contain as much information as others. Also there were many instances where the priest abbreviated names. In these cases the names were spelled out when it was reasonably certain what the name was supposed to be. For a list of the pastors who served St. Boniface and the years of their service see the 150 Year Pictorial History Book at (external link).

The microfilming technique of the record book caused some names to be lost in the spine of the book. In some cases the book was not opened completely (flattened out) to show the wording in the spine of the page.

In the original records one will also find that entries can be out of sequence. The priest often mixed up the dates of Baptism and birth putting the Baptism date before the child was born. He also forgot to change the name of the month. These errors, which have been corrected for clarity in this database, all point to the possibility of the priest writing the Baptism or marriage information in some other form before entering the information in the official record book.

Most of the people who worshiped at this church lived in the surrounding area. As the population grew other cities were established and they got their own churches. In 1870 a statement written in German in the marriage records states that people in the surrounding areas would have to choose where they wanted to attend church. The areas mentioned were Aviston, Bartelso, Breese and Damiansville. The priests from the respective churches of these cities signed these statements. This page with the German statements appears on page 002 of the 1857-1888 Group. A big thank you to Ute and Ludwig Mösenfechtel for translating this page. The boundaries for the St. Boniface and St. Cecilia Parishes are defined in 1887.

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